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Mourning The Death Of Elvis Presley’s Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Due To Small Bowel Obstruction


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We are in woe! Elvis Presley’s daughter passed away aged 54 due to small bowel obstruction. Lisa Marie Presley was the only child. Leading publications reveal the cause of death of Lisa Presley: the family would have signed a “do not resuscitate” order. 

According to the Daily Mail, Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa was hospitalized after her housekeeper found her collapsed at her home from cardiac arrest. The Daily Mail reported on January 15 that the Los Angeles coroner’s office staff has already completed the singer’s autopsy. Still, they will not release the results as they await a toxicology report. 

The authorities have not established an official cause of death for Lisa Marie Presley. However, the newspaper reports that she lost her life because she suffered a second cardiac arrest while hospitalized. The diary details that she suffered a cardiac arrest hours after allegedly complaining of severe stomach pain, which is small bowel obstruction. Paramedics who showed up at her residence managed to revive her, and she regained her pulse, but when she arrived at the medical center, she was brain dead. 

Lisa Marie Presley Life In Shackles!

The family of the 54-year-old actress, who was induced into a coma and placed on life support, stood by her, and she allegedly signed a “do not resuscitate” order upon learning of her brain death. Whoever was the heiress to the ‘King of Rock’ belongings presumably suffered a second cardiac arrest and died.

Priscilla Beaulieu, her mother, was at her bedside. It was through a statement that Beaulieu announced the death of Lisa Marie just a couple of days after attending the Golden Globes awards ceremony. The representative of Riley Keough, one of the artist’s daughters, shared that the singer will rest in her Graceland mansion, where her son, Benjamin, and father, Elvis Presley are buried. 

Mourning The Death Of Elvis Presley's Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Due To Small Bowel Obstruction

The Emotional and Financial Problems Of Lisa Marie Presley: 

According to the New York Post, Lisa Marie Presley owed more than a million dollars in taxes at the time of her death. The firstborn of the interpreter of ‘Can’t help falling in Love’ had to reveal the complex state of her finances in November 2022, amid her custody battle with Michael Lockwood. On February 1, 1993, when she turned 25, she inherited Elvis Presley Enterprises, estimated to be worth $100 million. In addition to her financial debt, Daily Mail points out that Elvis Presley’s daughter had become lonely since her son’s death, who took his own life in July 2020 at the age of 27.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Lost World:

A wedding, a separation, reconciliation, a loss of children: the story of Lisa Marie Presley. Paramedics had managed to get her pulse back and implant a pacemaker, but she died shortly after. Small bowel obstruction occurs for different reasons, such as the obstruction of an artery or low blood pressure, among others. This bowel obstruction is caused by risk factors, such as being over 50, smoking, and drug use. 

Lisa Marie Presley’s autopsy reveals her cause of death: small bowel obstruction following a cardiac arrest. Lisa Marie’s sons Benjamin and daughter Riley from her first husband, Danny Keough, are co-trustees.

What Is Small Bowel Obstruction? 

Small bowel obstruction occurs when the blood flow that reaches the intestine is significantly reduced due to causes such as the narrowing or total or partial occlusion of a blood vessel -an artery in most cases- or an episode of tension or deficient blood. It can affect both the small and large intestines or colon at the same time. 
The intestine is an organ that demands a high blood flow. Therefore, any reduction in blood flow can cause Ischemia. When mesenteric arteries are altered, which irrigate most of the intestine, we generally speak of mesenteric Ischemia. It usually affects the superior mesenteric artery, mainly the small intestine, and has an acute onset (due to embolism or thrombosis) called acute mesenteric Ischemia (AMI). It represents 30% of the cases. When only the colon is temporarily deprived of sufficient vascular flow, we speak of ischemic colitis (although the term colon ischemia is increasingly preferred). 

Lisa Marie Presley couldn’t survive because of small bowel obstruction, the most common form of intestinal Ischemia, and is generally caused by vasoconstriction (95% of cases) and not by embolism or thrombus. The rectum is rarely affected by Ischemia when having double perfusion. This is a severe health problem that manifests itself with abdominal pain, among other symptoms, and can usually prevent the intestine from working. The lack of oxygen resulting from decreased blood flow can irreversibly damage the tissue in the affected area – what is known as intestinal infarction – and even cause death. However, early diagnosis can improve the prognosis. 

When Lisa Marie Presley’s small bowel obstruction was suspected, especially acute in onset, she needed to seek medical help immediately. In addition to being acute or chronic, small bowel obstruction can be classified as Ischemia of the colon or ischemic colitis (this last denomination with less and less use). Decreased blood circulation affects part of the colon and only the colon. Most cases have an abrupt onset, hence the name of acute mesenteric Ischemia. 

Could Doctors Save Lisa Marie Presley From Small Bowel Obstruction?

Mourning The Death Of Elvis Presley's Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Due To Small Bowel Obstruction

As mentioned at the beginning, small bowel obstruction occurs because the blood flow that circulates through the vessels that irrigate the intestine is reduced or completely interrupted – the arteries, which supply blood to it, and the veins, which carry blood to it the outside. Lisa Marie Presley’s small bowel obstruction was acute as she sniggered from severe abdominal pain, chronic with bloating and abdominal cramps. This occurs for several reasons: Diabetes, coronary heart disease, and diseases of the arteries (peripheral arterial disease). Other medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation, blood clotting disorders (thrombophilia), high cholesterol, or having undergone abdominal surgery. 

How Is Small Bowel Obstruction Treated?

 The goal of treatment is to peg a potentially severe disorder, so it is urgent to seek medical help. It will require an in-depth study, and hospital admission is necessary for acute Ischemia. Once the diagnosis is confirmed and its severity: support measures based on digestive rest, hydration (usually via a vein), and, if needed, a nasogastric tube and antibiotics. Treat any associated medical conditions such as congestive heart failure or arrhythmia. Discontinue using drugs that cause narrowing of the blood vessels, such as hormonal drugs, for migraines or heart conditions. 

Lisa Marie Presley’s Age Factor could cause Small Bowel Obstruction:

Lisa Marie Presley was over 50, which increased the risk of suffering while using drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines. Chronic treatments with drugs such as vasoconstrictors, opioids, or immunomodulators create complications. Due to the lack of oxygen the blood carries, the affected tissue may die (necrosis), and a hole may open through which the contents of the intestine pass into the abdominal cavity, which may lead to peritonitis. Known as intestinal infarction, this led to the untimely demise of Lisa Marie Presley, which is what the world patently witnesses today.  

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