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Anne Heche Movies List: The Great Tragedies That Marked The Life Of The ‘Psycho’ Actress


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We are here to pay tribute to Anne Heche with Anne Heche’s movies list. Sorrowfully, she died at the age of 53. 

We shed light on events that marked the life of the well-known actress Anne Heche. The death of Heche at 53 years of hers only reminds us that the stars are only passing through. And it is that after being disconnected from the artificial respirator, the histrionic ceased to exist at the West Hills Hospital, located north of Los Angeles. However, it is worth remembering that the life of the protagonist of “Psychosis” has always been plagued by scandals and not very providential scenes in recent years. While her death has turned the entire planet’s acting scene upside down, Heche’s career will always be remembered thanks to the epic Anne Heche movies list that encompassed thrillers and suspense on the big screen. 

Anne Heche’s life and achievements!

The American actress won a prestigious EMMY award in 1991 in the category of “Best Young Actress.” However, last August 5, her life ended abruptly after her car went out of control and hit a house. These events brought about a fire that ended up leaving the Hollywood star in a coma, which was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, she entered an irreversible vegetable state. But it was not until this Thursday that the doctors on duty diagnosed her with brain death, causing her agony to extend for a few more days as long as her organs were checked for an eventual transplant. Next, we will present some unfortunate events that the 53-year-old actress suffered throughout her life. 

Two Brothers And An Irreparable Loss:

Internationally recognized in the 90’s after her role in the melodrama “Another World,” Heche’s life was constantly plagued by cameras, microphones, and colleagues from the acting scene. However, not everything was colorful since Americans suffered two separate episodes of sadness and loss during childhood. 

Months after losing her parent, mourning would knock on Anne’s door again after seeing how Nathan, her 18-year-old brother, died after colliding with his car against a tree in the area. And although the investigations emphasize that it was an evasive maneuver and a lack of control of the vehicle, nobody got it out of Anne’s mind that Nathan would have committed suicide. Although it seems unlikely, her sister also suffered the same fate after dying in 2006 from a brain tumor. 

Anne’s Father Was Diagnosed With HIV:

 The problems continued after her father, Donald, went on the list of HIV-infected in the United States. This triggered a series of rumors where it was learned that the Baptist minister led a parallel life with the choir director. In a 1998 dialogue with Allure, the Ohio-born, she indicated that her father led a life as a religious choir leader while hanging out at gay bars at night. He eventually passed away at 45. The renowned actress suffered a life of anecdotes and events full of irreparable damage.

Anne Heche’s Father Abused Her:

The renowned actress suffered a life of anecdotes and events full of irreparable damage. “We were poor but pretended to be rich. Everything was a lie in my life.” 

Anne’sfather abused her. He was an abuser and raped her. She also explained that his mother was always aware of such monstrous events but that she decided to keep quiet for her misfortune. 

Her Mother Never Loved Her:

Through a role for the small screen in 2004, Heche dramatized a mother with a drinking problem. After her role, she confessed to the “Los Angeles Times” that she had internalized the idea that her mother did not love her, in addition to the systematic abuse she suffered from her father. 

Controversial Romance with Ellen DeGeneres:

 In the love aspect, it also had its gray elements since Heche fell madly in love with Ellen DeGeneres. Although they tried to keep the commitment afloat, the society of that time threw down that connection and the acting reputation they had been building. Anne-Heche was born on May 25, 1969, in Aurora, Ohio (United States) 

Anne Heche Biography:

Anne Heche is 1’65. Heche was an American actress, the daughter of Nancy Heche and Baptist pastor Don Heche, who died of AIDS in 1983. Anne claimed in a book that her father, also a choir director, had abused her in childhood. Her brother Nathaniel died in a traffic accident. From her adolescence, she appeared in theater productions until he achieved a role at the end of the 80’s in the television series “Another World” (1988-1992), thanks to which he gained tremendous popularity in the United States and won the Emmy in 1991. 

Anne Heche Movies List:

Later, Anne achieved cinematographic fame thanks to films such as “Volcano” (1997) and “Six Days and Seven Nights” (1998), a romantic adventure film co-starring Harrison Ford. In “Toxic Skies” (2008), she was a doctor investigating government-generated chemtrails that caused an epidemic. In “American Gigolo” (2009), she shared credits with Ashton Kutcher. In the comedy “Convention In Cedar Rapids” (2011), she co-starred Ed Helms and John C. Reilly. In the television series “Hung (Gifted)” (2011), she played Jessica Haxon. Later, also on the small screen, Anne was involved in titles such as: “Blackout In Las Vegas” (2012), “Save Me” (2013), “The Legend of Korra” (2014), “Dig” (2015) “Aftermath” (2016). 

In 2021, she premiered on television another soap opera entitled “All Rise” (2021-2022). 

Anne Heche Movies List: 

  • AN AMBUSH OF GHOSTS (1993) by Everett Lewis 
  • THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (1994) by Stephen Sommers 
  • A GIFT FOR DAD (1994) by Richard Benjamin 
  • LEARNING TO LIVE (1994) by James L Brooks 
  • WILD SIDE (1995) by Donald Cammell 
  • Duress of a Jury (1995) by Brian Gibson 
  • PIE IN THE SKY (1996) by Bryan Gordon
  • NO ONE IS PERFECT (1996) by Nicole Holofcener, DONNIE BRASCO (1997) by Mike Newell, VOLCANO (1997) by Mick Jackson 
  • I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (1997) by Jim Gillespie 
  • THE SMOKE SCREEN (1997) by Barry Levinson 
  • SIX DAYS AND SEVEN NIGHTS (1998) by Ivan Reitman 
  • RETURN TO PARADISE (1998) by Joseph Ruben 
  • PSYCHOSIS (1998) by Gus Van Sant 
  • THE THIRD MIRACLE (1999) by Agnieszka Holland 
  • PROZAC NATION (2001) by Erik Skjoldbjaerg SEXUAL LIFE (2004) by Ken Kwapis 
  • DEATH DOESN’T LIE (2004) by Stephen Kay
  • REINCARNATION (2004) by Jonathan Glazer, SUFFERING MAN’S CHARITY (2007) by Alan Cumming 
  • WHAT LOVE IS (2007) de Mars Callahan 
  • TOXIC SKIES (2008) by Andrew C. Erin 
  • AMERICAN PLAYBOY (2009) by David Mackenzie 
  • RAMPART (2011) by Oren Moverman
  • CONVENTION AT CEDAR RAPIDS (2011) by Miguel Arteta 
  • SILENT WITNESS (2011) by Peter Markle 
  • THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID (2012) by Carrie Preston
  • BLACK NOVEMBER (2012) by Jeta Amata 
  • ARTHUR NEWMAN (2012) de Dante Ariola 
  • NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR (2013) by Anthony Leonardi III 
  • A RARE CHRISTMAS EVE (2014) by Jay Russell 
  • WILD PLAY (2015) by Simon West 
  • IT LOOKS LIKE CHRISTMAS (2016) by Terry Ingram, CATFIGHT (2016) by Onur Tukel
  • OPENING NIGHT (2016) by Isaac Rentz 
  • MY FRIEND DAHMER (2017) by Marc Meyers
  • MY LAST WORD (2017) by Mark Pellington 
  • THE TEMPLE (2017) by John Stockwell
  • I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY (2019) by Robin Bissell, WITHOUT A TRACE (2020) by Peter Facinelli, BEFORE THE TORNADO (2021) by Lindsay Gossling 
  • WHAT REMAINS (2022) by Nathan Scoggins WILDFIRE (2022) by Eric Parkinson 
  • CHASING NIGHTMARES (2022) by Chris McGowan WAKE (2023) by Tamar Halpern
  • SUPERCELL (2023) by Herbert James Winterstern, FULL RIDE (2023) by Beth Hanna and Jerren Lauder 

The 4 Best Anne Heche Movies List To Watch:

The actress suffered an accident that ended her life prematurely. The death of Anne Heche has been a jug of cold water for the American film and television industry. Anne Heche was a woman with a great desire to live. Her name may be less popular. Still, Heche is an actress with a long career behind her, and an excellent example of this is the Anne Heche movies list we have prepared for you with 4 of her best films, which are available on various streaming platforms. 

  1. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) 

It is a classic slasher that will not go down in the genre’s history, but it was very well received by the public and gave rise to a television reboot released a few months ago on Prime Video. Anne Heche had a secondary role here, something usual throughout her career since she had very few leading roles. 

  • Donnie Brasco (1997) 

The secondary role that Anne Heche had in one of the best films by Mike Newell, a director who years later would give us Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or The Literary Society and Potato Peel Pie. Donnie Brasco is a movie in which Anne Heche shone.

  • Reincarnation (2004) 

Nicole Kidman was nominated for best actress at the Golden Globes, which is not surprising. This fantasy drama masterfully combines the psychological thriller with the intrigue of the genre. Its starting point is the best, and although Anne Heche is not its protagonist (Nicole is), it helps us to see a perfect version of the interpreter. 

  • American Playboy (2009) 

The specialized press heavily criticized American Playboy, but it’s not a bad movie. It hits on the best Anne Heche movies list. This erotic drama is above average thanks to performances by Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche, who bring credibility to a genre that usually lacks it (e.g., 50 Shades of Grey; e.g., After). 

What Was Anne Heche Preparing For? 

Anne Heche was preparing the films “Wake,” “Supercell,” “Full Ride,” “What Remains, “Chasing Nightmares,” and “Wildfire.” For television, she filmed the series “The Idol.” 

As for her love life, in 2001, she married photographer Coleman “Coley” Lafoon. In March 2002, they had their son Homer. The couple divorced in 2008. Apart from this wedding, Anne, who was bisexual, had romantic relationships with Steve Martin and the actress Ellen DeGeneres. Since 2007, she has lived with actor James Tupper (born 1965). In 2009 the couple had their son Atlas. They broke up in 2018. After this break, Anne was a couple of Liz Brixius and Thomas Jane. Since 2021 she lived with Peter Thomas Roth. 

Rest In Peace!

Anne Heche was a highly accomplished American actress, director, and screenwriter. Furthermore, she wrote and published a memoir titled “Call Me Crazy,” to discuss her mental health struggles and how she overcame them. Her advocacy for mental health awareness has been a source of hope for many who face similar challenges.

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