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Where Was Wednesday Filmed: All About The Exotic Gothic Whereabouts


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Are you curious about the filming locations for the Netflix serial ‘Wednesday’? Where was Wednesday filmed? These are all the locations of the Tim Burton series. If you’re a fan of the Addams, plan your next trip to Romania. On November 23, the doors of Nevermore Academy opened on Netflix with the premiere of Wednesday, the new series directed by Tim Burton. 

Where was Wednesday filmed?

If you haven’t watched it yet, we bet it will entice you about the magical and mischievous ways of Wednesday Addams, which has nothing to do with the luxuries of the palace where Sissi lives in the Netflix series ‘The Empress’, while honing her psychic abilities in the extraordinary academic institution for outcasts. 

The teaser gave us our first look at Thing, the severed hand that the Addams Family keeps as a pet. Now, finally, we can look at the first full official trailer and get an idea of the tone of the series and what its characters will look like. In the trailer revealed by Netflix, we can see Wednesday (Ortega) in a scene in a pool with piranhas that, in addition to recovering the character’s characteristic black humour, causes her to be expelled from her institute and sent to a boarding school. Also, find out where Wednesday was filmed.

Why Is It Called Wednesday Addams?

The eldest daughter of the Addams family has a unique nickname. Morticia explains that Wednesday is named after a line from her favourite lullaby, Monday’s Child, which first appeared in A. E. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire in 1838. The nursery rhyme describes each day of the week differently and distinguishes “Wednesday’s boy is full of pain,” which is why the Addams matriarch chose him. The Gothic chic series is set against castles, redolent forests, and baroque ballrooms. 

 ‘Wednesday’: All About The First Season 

Netflix Tim Burton’s debut on television will be a new adaptation for Netflix of ‘The Addams Family,’ the comic strip created by Charles Addams in 1937 and published in The New Yorker. ‘Wednesday’ will focus on the adolescence of Wednesday Addams, the character played by Christina Ricci in the two films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld in the 90s, and will be the first live-action adaptation since 1998, when Dave Payne’s telefilm was released ‘The Addams Family: The Reunion’ and the Canadian series ‘The New Addams Family,’ both with Nicole Fugere in the role of Wednesday. 

‘Wednesday’ will coexist with the animated films of ‘The Addams Family’ that have recently been released in theatres worldwide and could close with a third installment that would shape a new trilogy. Chloëe Grace Moretz provides Wednesday’s voice in these films. 

The spin-off will consist of 8 episodes and will be a coming-of-age, written by the creators of ‘Smallville’ Al Gough and Miles Millar and directed by Tim Burton, and will focus on the years of Wednesday Addams as a student at the Academy Nevermore.

Where was Wednesday filmed: The Cast and Crew

Since the news broke that Tim Burton would direct a series about the character of Wednesday Addams for Netflix, the rumours (and the wishes of fans worldwide) to have Christina Ricci in ‘Wednesday’ have been constant. The actress who played young Wednesday Addams in Barry Sonnenfeld’s two early-’90s movies will have a significant role in the series, though it won’t be Adult Wednesday. 

The character will continue to be a teenager. The one in charge of interpreting her will be Jenna Ortega, whom we can see in the latest installment of ‘Scream’ and the next Ti West slasher ‘X .’Nor will we see Ricci in the shoes of Morticia Addams, the family’s matriarch since this role is reserved for Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Although Ricci’s character is still unknown, what we do know is that she is the one who was destined for Thora Birch, who left the production at the beginning of it due to family problems, and that she will be a regular character and not a simple cameo. 

Where Was Wednesday, The New Netflix Hit, Recorded? 

Bucharest hosted the filming of the mysterious series that follows the life of the youngest daughter of the Addams Family. The Addams Family knows how to win over the public, and although they are “creepy and eccentric, mysterious and scary,” the Addams will always be a hit; Wednesday knew when he transferred to the Nevermore Academy (Nunca Mas) for supernatural beings. And to ensure mystery throughout the recording process, the series, directed by Tim Burton, moved to Romania, home of the famous Transylvania. So with two clicks, the magic begins. 

The dark, gloomy and gothic settings fit perfectly with the essence of the teenage daughter of this very famous family, and to achieve this, some places are built sets, but many others are real. We travelled to Bucharest to see the areas where Wednesday’s adventure began, played by Jenna Ortega. Nevermore Academy has trained young supernaturals like Emma Myers, Addams’s roommate wolf, and all kinds of vampires, mermaids, and werewolves for over three centuries. The Cantacuzino Castle inspires this impressive castle with spectacular towers, offices and courtyards. 

Where Was Wednesday FilmedREVEALED

We explore each of the Netflix filming locations in various destinations in Romania, including mountain villages and the country’s capital, Bucharest. 


The interiors of the Nevermore Academy were shot at the Monteoru House, according to Netflix Romania, a historic building in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The pool into which Wednesday releases two bags of piranhas to the water polo team is Înot Dinamo’s Bazinul, a reservoir in a sports park in Bucharest, reports Netflix Romania. The Nevermore Academy’s greenhouse was engraved the Gradina Botanica Dimitrie Brandza (Bucharest Botanical Garden), which dates from 1860 and owes its name to its founder, Dimitrie Brandza. 


This historical monument appears in chapter 6 of the Wednesday series when the protagonist discovers the house where Garrett Gates lived. It is a stately mansion located in Dambovița County, north of Bucharest. 


Where was Wednesday filmed? Well, this location is the closest train station to Nevermore Academy. Gara Regala is located in Sinaia, a picturesque town in the Bucegi Mountains, once home to the Romanian royal family. 


Wednesday, Netflix series Part of the series was recorded in the surroundings of the Cantacuzino Castle. The original castle is located in the Carpathian Mountains, very close to Brasov, an impressive enclave covered in snow in winter, leaving a spectacular impression. The entire facade of the building has been retouched, but the palace’s surroundings, built at the request of Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, are actual. This is what the Nevermore Academy looks like from the outside.

Not all the academy facilities belong to the castle; for example, the Arab patio or the secret library are built scenes, and other rooms are actual but do not belong to the Cantacuzino Castle. Visiting the old greenhouses of the Bucharest Botanical Garden, we will be able to recognize the greenhouse of the school where Wednesday studies. 


In the heart of the capital, we find the Niculescu-Dorobantu mansion, the current French neo-Gothic style hotel that was used to capture some essential scenes from the last episodes of the series. A 15-minute drive from Bucharest, we can visit the office of Larissa Weems, director of the academy, in the historic Casa Monteoru. Although it is currently a restaurant where we can enjoy good traditional Romanian food, Netflix used some rooms entirely for their scenes. 

THE TOWN OF JERICHO  The academy is not located in the middle of nowhere but close to Jericho, New England. The name was taken directly from the famous ancient town of Jericho in the Jordan Valley, as both towns have a similar history of conquest. The academy and village surroundings are natural Bucharest forests. Although it may seem incredible, the town is entirely false, but its environs are untouched since the buildings were built in the open air on the banks of the Colentina River. It is very curious because, to this day, it is still possible to see some of the scenarios in Google Maps. 

Edgar Allan Poe is of great importance throughout the series, and in the second chapter, they honour him with a boat race in which they have to go to Isla Cuervo; this competition was recorded in two natural lakes. The Branesti and Sterbei lakes, very close to Bucharest, were chosen to see Wednesday and all his teammates in action. So now we know where Wednesday was filmed?

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