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Jeenie Weenie | Biography, Baby, Boyfriend, Facts, and Profession 

Sandra Jeenie Kwon is a international recognized social media influencer known by the handle jeenie.weenie on various platforms, and

Jeenie Weenie | Biography, Baby, Boyfriend, Facts, and Profession 

Sandra Jeenie Kwon is a international recognized social media influencer known by the handle jeenie.weenie on various platforms, and former flight attendant. She has gained popularity for her engaging content on TikTok and Instagram. Sandra is celebrated for her humorous videos, dance clips, and lip-syncing performances on TikTok. 

Sandra manages her own YouTube channel, which boasts a substantial subscriber base and impressive view counts beyond her TikTok and Instagram presence. YouTube shows her lifestyle, travel adventures, modeling shots, and reels. Therefore, she became the apple of everyone’s eye, and we will know every part of her life in today’s article.

Biography Overview

Sandra Jeenie Kwon, born on May 11, 1983, is a 40-year-old from Toronto, Canada, generally known for her content on multiple social media platforms. She belongs to a well-off Christian family and went to a private school before attending a local university. It means her early life was like that of an ordinary girl. Jeenie father’s name is Mr. Kwon and mother’s name is Umma.

Jeenie Weenie father

Sandra started her social media by sharing funny videos, photos, and lifestyle moments. It’s correct that she liked modeling and fame from a young age and officially became a TikToker and influencer in her youth, which indicates that achieving her life’s goal is not a big deal for Jeenie.

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Jeenie Weenie biography
Full NameSandra Jeenie Kwon
Nick NameSandra
Age40( as of 2023) 
Birth PlaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
OccupationTikToke Star, Instagram model, Content Creator
Height5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm
Weight56 kg or 123.5 lbs
Hair Color Brown 
Eye ColorBrown

Jeenie weenie Youtube 

Jeenie Weenie youtube career started on August 5, 2020 and release her first video on the same day, but officially joining the platform on January 19, 2011. She had gained a following over 4.8 million subscribers on her channel, jeenie.weenie over a year. Her YouTube description is: 

“Catch flights, not feelings✈️

Just a formal flight attendant and new mama that creates travel and family skits! I do blogs and beauty stuff to. 

Anything goes”.

Jeenie Weenie Instagram

You can find her on various social media platforms with the handle @jeenie.weenie. Jeenie Weenie has been consistently sharing short videos on YouTube, with her content garnering an average of 1-2 million views, sometimes more or less in recents years. Notably, her most popular video, titled “What it’s really like when you eat a vitamin  (IB: Drew Lynch),” has soared past 150 million views, shows her significant impact in the YouTube realm.

Jeenie Weenie Social Media

TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@jeenie.weenie?_t=8iVA6RH20KA&_r=1 
YouTube https://youtube.com/@jeenie.weenie?si=e9hrcpuE1Ej5XySA 

Jeenie Weenie Fitness 

Jeenie Weenie maintains her stunning appearance through regular workouts, including gym sessions and home exercises. Her dedication to fitness also involves practicing yoga daily. A crucial aspect of her health routine is a well-planned diet.

Jeenie Weenie Fitness - physical Appearance

Jeenie Weenie maintains a weight of 48 kg, and has height 5 feet 4 inches, Her beauty radiates with black and highlighted hair, complemented by brown eyes. As a social media star, her fans admire not only her physical attributes but also her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Jeenie Weenie, the popular TikToker, has been happily married to her husband, Johnny Ung, for nearly seven years. Besides their active presence on social media, they’ve kept much of their relationship private. Their love story consider love at first sight, as Jeenie once shared in a video that she fell for Johnny the moment she saw him.


The couple started sharing their journey on Instagram with an engagement photoshoot in May 2016, and wedding in September the same year.

Jeenie Weenie husband

Jeenie and Johnny have travelled various countries together, including Greece, Canada, Dubai, and the Maldives. Jeenie often expresses her love for Johnny on Instagram, calling him the “love of her life” and expressing gratitude for his support.

Jeenie Weenie husband

Valentine’s Day, in 2021 Jeenie shared a heartwarming post, thanking Johnny for teaching her about love and appreciating his support in every aspect of her life.

Jeenie Weenie husband

The couple planned of parenthood, and then welcoming their baby girl in March 2023.

Jeenie Weenie baby and husband

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  • Sandra Jeenie Kwon used to live in Vancouver, Canada, and had a job with Emirates Airlines.
  • She has restricted parents.
  • Jeenie once forced her mother to reveal herself on Instagram.
  • She knows how to take good selfies.
  • She likes fashion and modeling. 
  • She joined hostess to manage her livehood. 
  • Her YouTube channel started on January 19, 2011, and first shared a photo on Instagram on February 3, 2015.
  • Her dream vacation is to visit Egypt, and she really likes the taste of Korean barbecue.
  • She began posting videos on TikTok in December 2019 where she goes by jeenie.weenie. 
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