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Britain Reveals Plans to Significantly Control Legal Migration by Raising Minimum Salary for Skilled Jobs

On Monday, Britain unveiled plans to drastically reduce the number of migrants granted British immigration through legal procedures. This involves suggesting a significant increase...

GTA VI Leak: Rockstar Accelerates Premiere of First Trailer Following Unexpected Leak

Much-awaited, Rockstar Games has officially revealed the trailer of GTA VI after it leaked on social media, delighting the anxiously waiting fans worldwide. The...

Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul

An Earthquake Stuck at Magnitude of 5.1 is reported in the South Of Istanbul on Monday 12/4/203, causing no casualties so far As Per Reports...

Israel Defense Forces Expands Ground Operations In Gaza

As per the Israel Defense Force's statement, the Israeli military is set to expand its ground operations following a series of airstrikes targeting 200...

Israel Uncovers 800 Shafts Leading to Hamas Tunnels Beneath Gaza

GAZA WAR UPDATES: Israeli forces have uncovered 800 shafts leading to a vast underground network of tunnels and bunkers used by Hamas. Since the...

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