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Britain Reveals Plans to Significantly Control Legal Migration by Raising Minimum Salary for Skilled Jobs

On Monday, Britain unveiled plans to drastically reduce the number of migrants granted British immigration through legal procedures. This involves suggesting a significant increase...

Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul

An Earthquake Stuck at Magnitude of 5.1 is reported in the South Of Istanbul on Monday 12/4/203, causing no casualties so far As Per Reports...

Man Suspected of Killing 3 Homeless Men in Los Angeles Is Arrested

Jerrid Joseph Powell, a resident of Los Angeles City, has been arrested for allegedly murdering four homeless individuals. Three victims were shot Dead in...

Mysterious respiratory dog illness

Vets around the country issued an alarming caution about the infectious respiratory disease found among dogs a few months ago Medical experts are still researching...

Tension Rises as CDC Warns of Inadequate COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Amidst Growing Cases and Hospitalizations

CDC Director Mandy Cohen informed Congress this week that the updated coronavirus vaccine has not been administered to enough Americans. The number of reported...

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