Lee Chaeyoung of fromis_9 to Miss Tonight’s Music Bank Global Festival Due to Health Reasons

  • December 15, 2023
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Lee Chaeyoung of fromis_9 to Miss Tonight’s Music Bank Global Festival Due to Health Reasons

Pledis Entertainment: Nurturing Talent and Embracing Commitment

PLEDIS Entertainment, created by Han Sung-soo in 2007, is a well-established brand in the South Korean entertainment industry. It boasts a roster of highly talented artists, including well-known figures such as actress Nana, Hwang Min-hyun, Baekho, and successful K-pop bands like Seventeen and Fromis_9.

Lee Chaeyoung: A Rising Star’s Journey

Lee Chae-young rapidly ascended to fame, showcasing her talents as the lead rapper and lead dancer in the Fromis_9 band. Her journey began as a trainee under JYP Entertainment before she joined Idol School in 2018. Lee Chae-young completed her education at Hanlim Multi Art High School, majoring in the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department.

Health Concerns Impacting Lee Chaeyoung’s Participation

On December 15, 2023, Pledis Entertainment issued a statement announcing that Lee Chaeyoung would not be able to perform at the highly anticipated 2023 Music Bank Global Festival due to health concerns. The agency revealed that Lee Chaeyoung’s current medical condition necessitates rest, as advised by medical experts. Pledis Entertainment expressed their commitment to managing Lee Chaeyoung’s workload and future activities with consideration for her health.

The statement emphasized Pledis Entertainment’s dedication to prioritizing Lee Chaeyoung’s health and their efforts to facilitate a speedy recovery. The agency encouraged Lee Chaeyoung to return to activities when she feels ready, expressing gratitude to fans for their understanding of the situation.

This situation underscores Pledis Entertainment’s commitment to the well-being of its artists, even in the midst of highly anticipated events like the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival. The agency appreciates the understanding and support of fans as they navigate these circumstances.

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