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Phygital Experience The Kind Of Digital Marketing That Is All The Rage!

  • September 16, 2023
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Phygital Experience The Kind Of Digital Marketing That Is All The Rage!

Are you excited to embark on a phygital experience? But the thought strikes- what is digital marketing?

Physical that is people-centred digital marketing or inbound marketing is the type of phygital experience making waves within organizations and companies. Here, we tell you what is phygital marketing and why the experts in this branch are applying it in current campaigns.

Phygital Marketing Is All The Rage!

The pandemic affected and transformed how consumers buy and interact with the products and services companies offer them. The internet and the path towards digitalization were expedited due to the COVID-19 health emergency since this was the solution so that users could continue purchasing through digital channels such as social networks and e-commerce.

Of course, this transformation in the way of purchasing also implied a change in how consumers want products to reach them. Now, they have more resources and have become demanding customers. This is why not only was a big step taken from traditional marketing to phygital experience, but the latter has evolved to find the perfect strategy to reach more people and increase the target audience: people-centred digital marketing.

So Why And What Is Phygital Marketing 

What?! In that way?! Yes, you must be asking yourself several questions about what is phygital marketing that immerses itself in all companies and ventures in different parts of the world. Therefore, if you are passionate about marketing, you are creative and want to be updated on new trends in phygital experience- it is for you! 

Here, we will tell you what physical digital marketing is, what its added value is and most importantly, where you can find university courses that emphasize this type of marketing and that you can study virtually anywhere you can find.

But let’s go step by step! First, you should know what digital marketing is, why it emerged, and its most relevant characteristics.

What Is Phygital Marketing Here For?

A physical experience focuses on consumers more than products or services when carrying out advertising campaigns. Thus, marketers almost become a detective who tries to find all the investigations, investigate the customer needs, their most particular tastes and their most hidden preferences to capture them and sell them products and services in a more subtle, creative and innovative way than the creation of valuable content in the different digital channels.

A digital marketing agency stated, “Users today do not like to feel attacked by brands. They prefer to reach these because they need to cover a need, and they no longer get carried away by those false ‘needs’ that advertising and marketing previously sought to create.”

However, physical experience originated from traditional marketing that also began to focus on customers rather than products or services. It arose from the other sellers’ intention with their clients and consumers: to become advisors of the service or development they sold.

These were sellers who did not want their customers to buy the product or service and leave, but rather, their true objective was to capture them, retain them and become loyal users of the brand. Thus, they focused on creating a close bond with clients, worrying about their needs and problems. In the experience of consumers when seeing the product, buying and using it. If there was any inconvenience or claim for the product or service, they were in charge of offering prompt solutions.

Phygital Experience- An Innovative And Close Way.

Traditional marketing crossed digital borders to meet the same objective through valuable creative content with the same intention: to capture, retain and build consumer loyalty with a brand.

Digital marketing focused on people has become, in recent years, a strategy to increase the target audience for all companies and ventures, and these will depend on how much they invest in expert marketers in this area and how to reach the customer. 

Why Does This Phygital Experience Have Added Value?

In conclusion,digital marketing differs from traditional marketing – before human-centred marketing – because it is not mass marketing. The most essential characteristics and differential values of this type of marketing are: 

  • It allows a much more accurate measurement of customer behavior by having a more specific and reduced target audience.
  • Identify the client’s needs through previous studies on the buyer persona.
  • Generate a more significant relationship of trust and closeness with customers through valuable content.
  • It is a strategy to create long-term links with consumers. Well, its purpose is customer retention and loyalty, thus;
  • This type of digital marketing creates solid, loyal and sustainable relationships that generate income and enhance the growth of a business through the relationship between client-company.

To achieve all of the above, Phygital Experience focused on people is essential to have the best tools that allow us to thoroughly understand not only demographic but also psychographic characteristics, where marketing strategies allow us to get the user to reach our brand without having to search for it, in such a way that your connection will be much more accurate.

Where To Study And Learn More About Phygital Marketing?

There needs to be more than just reading articles to learn about all the tools for Phygital Marketing. A future marketer must specialize, train and study to become a professional profile requested by companies and the world.

Finding university courses related to digital marketing is now easier. However, finding those in which their study plans focus on clients and consumers is not. Only some universities in the USA offer the possibility of learning about this type of marketing. 

This virtual university also offers you the possibility of studying 100% online from wherever you are, with live virtual classes and recorded sessions that will be stored in the virtual classrooms so that you can see them whenever you want. This has been in charge of creating an academic program on digital marketing focused on people.

This is the virtual Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. A postgraduate degree aimed at all people who have previous studies in any area of marketing and want to delve deeper into content such as:

  • Social networks
  • Content strategy
  • Electronic commerce
  • Search engine positioning strategies in collaboration with Google
  • Strategic Marketing and Market Intelligence

This Phygital Marketing course aims to train you as a professional capable of developing digital marketing strategies that impact the positioning of your organization’s products. This way, it seeks to help you acquire tools, skills, and theoretical knowledge focused on digitalization and how to identify customer needs through them. By studying this master’s degree virtually, you will become an expert in the design and development of marketing strategies and a specialist in search engine positioning, social networks, e-commerce and digital marketing automation.

This is your opportunity to apply Phygital Marketing in companies and ventures! So, delve into a phygital experience today!

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