Shocking Video Of Violence In Manipur: Emerges Of Sexual Assault

  • July 22, 2023
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Shocking Video Of Violence In Manipur: Emerges Of Sexual Assault

Four people have been arrested as a result of allegations of sexual assault following the release of a horrific video showing the brutal attack of two women in Manipur, India. The victims are forced to move past a group of guys, some of whom are wielding weapons, while they are naked in the footage, which surfaced on social media. The incident is thought to have occurred on May 4, but arrests weren’t made until after the video surfaced online. Authorities are already questioning more than 30 men as they act decisively to address emerges of the sexual assault crisis in the nation.

The disturbing footage brought awareness to the ongoing ethnic unrest in Manipur and urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action. He called the incident “shameful” in a statement and expressed his sorrow and outrage. He reassured a citizen that the legal system would handle emerges of sexual assault cases. After the parliament reconvened, an adjournment was called because opposition MPs were furious at the decision to forbid discussion of the matter.

Recent months have seen a rise in violence in Manipur, with confrontations breaking out in the state capital following a rally organized by students from the Kuki tribe who were opposing the Meitei ethnic group. As a result, thousands of people have been displaced and over 100 individuals have died. The Congress party accuses Modi of eroding the social fabric of the state, which has led to criticism of his administration stemming from the problem.

It is still unclear how the investigation and legal action against the offenders will go because of the ongoing high levels of tension in Manipur. However, this horrifying episode has brought attention to the state’s ongoing sectarian struggle and has raised concerns about the way the government has responded to the emergess of sexual assault. Justice for the victims and accountability for those involved in this horrible act is being demanded by many.

Modi Speaks Out After Video Of Sexual Assault On Women In Manipur Emerges

Following the release of video showing women being paraded, assaulted, and stripped naked before what is believed to be gang rape, the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, has ended his months-long silence on the deadly ethnic war raging in the state of Manipur.

Indians around the country were outraged as footage from Manipur surfaced showing two women from the minority Kuki tribe being forced to strip naked by a crowd of the dominant Meitei tribal group, who can be heard yelling, “If you don’t take off your clothes, we’ll kill you.” The females are allegedly gang raped in a field after being publicly touched and hauled there.

Four arrests weren’t made until Thursday, a day after the video went viral, even though the event occurred in early May and was reported to the police shortly after. The police allegedly abandoned the women in the mob’s care, according to one of the victims.

On Thursday morning, during the opening session of parliament, Modi addressed the emerges of sexual assault and the feud between the Meitei and Kuki tribes for the first time, saying that “the entire country has been shamed” by the assault on the women.

The Indian Prime Minister Had Come Under Fire For Remaining Silent About The Deadly Ethnic War Occurring In The State Of The Northeast.

Presently, the state of Manipur is divided mainly along ethnic lines, with the Meitei community ruling the valley and the Kuki community in control of the hills. Over 60,000 people have been displaced and over 60 villages have been completely burned down as a result of the civilian forces that both sides have amassed engaging in deadly

combat with thousands of stolen weapons. To take control of the emergence of sexual assault cases and other community problems, people are tagging PM Modi on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Kuki minority now claims they are fighting for an independent state although thousands of Indian military personnel have been sent to the state to keep things calm. The Guardian was informed by one of the victims in the video that the incidents had traumatized her. She revealed how two of her group’s members were killed by another Meitei gang after they attacked her and four other people as they fled their hamlet after it had been looted and set on fire by a Meitei mob.

On May 3, clashes erupted in the state capital Imphal as a result of hundreds of students, largely from the Kuki tribe, participating in a demonstration against the Meitei ethnic minority, which is the majority and has requested special tribal status. The tribal designation would give the Meitei additional possibilities to work for the government and allow them to own land, among other reasons. Since then, thousands more people have been forced to flee their homes and over 100 have been slain.

The matter was handled by the National Human Rights Commission of India.

The state’s Chief Secretary and Director General of Police were sent notifications on Thursday from India’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) requesting a thorough report on the incident within four weeks and a response to the emerge of sexual assault cases in the country.

Additionally, it requested information on the measures that would “safeguard citizens’ human rights, particularly women and vulnerable sections of society from such barbaric incidents.”

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