Where Did Timmy Thick Vanish After Social Media Fame? 

As you may have seen on the internet, there was a guy named Timmy Thick who gained fame for

Where Did Timmy Thick Vanish After Social Media Fame? 

As you may have seen on the internet, there was a guy named Timmy Thick who gained fame for his bright wigs, hot poses, and long nails. His online presence is like a roller coaster—sensational, weird, and full of surprises because of his lovers. Some people might not know everything about Timmy, but in today’s article, you can catch every move he made on social media. So, continue reading if you know more about Timmy Thick! 

Quick Biography 

Full Name Timmy Thick 
Birth DateAugust 21, 2002, New York 
Age 22(as of 24) 
ZodiacSign Leo
Religion Christian 
Married No 
Profession Social Media Personality 
Net Worth 30,000 USD 

Who is Timmy Thick? 

Timmy Thick is the American social media sensation who made his place in others’ hearts through his own unique way. He was born in the city of New York on August 21, 2002, and has the zodiac sign of Leo, Timmy is quite the enigma. His real name is also Timmy Thick.

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Timmy thick

Furthermore, the information about his family is not provided because he wants to keep it private. 

Instagram (2016-2018)

Timmy started posting bold pictures on Instagram which were liked by everyone in 2016. He then used Twitter in 2017 through making even more online friends. However, his fame got really interesting in 2018 when Timmy claimed he was part of a Harvard University study. Harvard quickly said, “No way, not us!” This made everyone confused.


Timmy decided to take a break from the internet after graduating from Harvard, and people were left wondering where he disappeared to. Then, in 2019, he surprised everyone by posting a video on YouTube where he talked a bit about his life.

Timmy thick YouTube

Vanish (2019-2023)

Timmy once more during the time period of 2019-2023. His social media accounts just went poof. Now, in 2023, rumors talk about Timmy having an OnlyFans account, but it is not sure that this is his real account or not. 

Love For Timmy Thick? 

People really like Timmy because of his bold and funny photos and content. Moreover, he works hard to post content online, and his cuteness captured everyone’s hearts. Even when he took a break, fans made special accounts to remember him and keep his online spirit alive.

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Everyone’s trying to find where Timmy Thick is. There’s a clue on Twitter hinting at an OnlyFans account, which could mean he’s trying to make money.

Timmy thick Onlyfans page

But, is it true or just a post? People are really curious to see him back on social media.


  • Timmy Thick went a bit naughty sometimes.
  • Unfortunately, many people reported his accounts because of the bold pictures he posted and they got suspended. 
  • Timmy’s fans made special accounts to keep his online presence alive after he took a break from social media.
  • Timmy really likes dogs.
  • Timmy often talked about Minaj and showed how much he liked her when he was using social media a lot. 
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