Will Smith’s Former Assistant Stands Firm on Claims of Actor’s Alleged Affair with Duane Martin

  • December 20, 2023
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Will Smith’s Former Assistant Stands Firm on Claims of Actor’s Alleged Affair with Duane Martin

In a recent interview on “Unwine with Tasha K,” Brother Bilal, who served as Will Smith’s assistant in the past, reiterated the news of Will Smith’s alleged affair with Duane Martin. Despite facing legal action from Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Bilal stands firm on his claims, asserting that he possesses evidence supporting his statements.

During the interview where he claimed to have evidence, Bilal pointed out the swift response from Will and Jada against his claims, suggesting, “The reason Will responded, the reason why Jada responded [is] ’cause they know it’s true.” Bilal challenged Jada, giving her a two-week ultimatum: “Jada, listen, in two weeks, if you don’t sue me, if Tasha K will have me, I’m back here, and I’m dropping evidence.” He didn’t hesitate to resort to name-calling, accusing Jada of being a “bald-head liar and a drug addict.”

In Bilal’s previous interview with Tasha K last month, he disclosed that he witnessed Will Smith and Duane Martin engaged in intimate acts in a dressing room. Despite Smith’s denial, Bilal remains steadfast in his claims.

As the drama unfolds, Will Smith’s team continues to deny the allegations, labeling them as “completely fabricated and unequivocally false.” Jada Pinkett-Smith believes this is a baseless story attempting to earn money. The couple is determined to take legal action against Bilal. This ongoing story adds another layer of complexity and controversy for the couple, following their recent recovery from the Oscar Awards incident.

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