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    Who Was And How Did Coco Lee, The Singer Of”Mulan” Die?


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    Coco Lee, 48, lost her life amid a deplorable state for her and her relatives, who have done everything in recent days to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, on July 5, Lee passed away after waiting in a coma for over a week. The singer and an impeccable artist is reminisced for singing the theme song from “Mulan” in Mandarin. Not just her charismatic singing, Coco also dubbed the main character of an animated film into her regional language. She was indubitably a multi-talented and multifaceted star that shone brightly throughout her career. Suicide shouldn’t have been the case.

    Why Bring Up the Subject? What Do You Think? Is It Better Not to Say Anything?

    Research shows that suicide is reversible. Numerous studies debunk common myths about suicide and help you learn how to get help for yourself or those close to you. So why Coco Lee?

    Fame, money, media pressure, loneliness among the masses, success, the spotlight- these are not tricky aspects for a person to digest, no matter how much status or recognition their name and surname harbors. The recent death of Coco Lee is a kind of wake-up call in this regard. The entertainment industry continues in shock after the news of her suicide, after allegedly living with depression. Reality has hit us, once again, with the truth, with what is hidden behind the smiles and trifles of social networks. But it is not the only time we have witnessed this, since in history, several famous figures have ended their lives for not being able to battle against their minds. A sad reality, therefore, present throughout history, but perhaps because of its risks, it has been taken more as a taboo than an aspect to face.

    Coco Lee’s life was, for others, idyllic. She was a talented singer and artist of great beauty but died young, unable to withstand the storms in her head. She had a series of mishaps that she tried to overcome during her life, but that finally led her to depression and suffering that she could not bear.

    How Did Coco Lee Die?

    On social networks, Lee’s sisters, Carol and Nancy, announced that the artist had suffered from depression for several years. She committed suicide and remained in a coma. The sister duo shared what made Coco meet this fateful end. The fans of the 48-year-old artist are gravely shaken to discover that it was all because she wanted to take her life due to depression.

    We all understand how losing a loved one by suicide is probably one of the most emotionally devastating experiences we can imagine. The world is speechless when someone famous like Coco Lee coerces a disquieting act. Like any other human being, public figures also experience anxieties and disappointments; most of the time, away from the public eye. Coco Lee’s fans are truly devastated.

    Coco Lee garnered thousands of fans worldwide during their 29-year musical career. This year she would celebrate the influential 30 years of her artistic career. Coco Lee succumbed to death after injuries she inflicted on herself in a suicide attempt. In the statement, the sisters also point out that Coco did seek professional help, yet in the past few months, her depression augmented, leading her to make that wretched decision that now distresses her entire fans, family, and fraternity.

    Who Was Coco Lee?

    Coco Lee, born in Hong Kong in 1975, moved with her family to San Francisco (United States) when she was barely nine. In 1993 she participated in a television talent contest where she was declared a finalist, grossing her first contract record label. Coco Lee’s accomplishments entail the Taiwanese release of a Chinese-language album, Love from Now On. In 1999, she released her first English album, ‘Just No Other Way.’ However, she only wanted to pay for her mother’s car, which had suffered a breakdown. Nevertheless, she took advantage of the triumph since several companies intended to sign her for her charismatic singing.

     Since 1993, she had a remarkable career. She scattered her voice and talent globally while reaching out predominantly to the United States, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Throughout her career, Coco Lee also dazzled as an actress in three films: “No Tobacco,” “Master of Everything,” and “Forever Young.” Did you know Lee’s more than fifteen albums sold tens of millions of copies, and her single ‘Do You Want My Love’ touched 4th on the US Billboard chart?

    And that’s not it, Coco Lee was the first proud Chinese artist to sign a worldwide contract with Sony Music and have the opportunity to perform at the Oscars ceremony from the film’ Tiger and Dragon,’ by Ang Lee. She lent her voice to the Mandarin Chinese song of “Mulan,” a Disney movie. 

    Coco Lee’s death has caused shock and rage in the USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The social media is bombarded with comments from fans expressing grief while recalling her prosperous career.

    The Last Publication of Coco Lee

    On December 31, 2022, about to celebrate the New Year, Coco Lee made her last post on her Instagram account, resulting in about seven months of silence on social media.

    That publication was made to summarize what her year 2022 was like. Her fans knew she was not having a good time there, as she described those 365 days as complicated in her life. In addition, in the images that she shared, she can be seen with medical help and a scale that marked an unconventional weight for anyone, showing that she was going through problems that, in the end, would have triggered the decision she made now.

    Rest In Peace!

    Coco Lee, a highly skilled singer and actress, stood out in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. She released several successful albums and received multiple awards for her outstanding performances. Coco is known for her powerful vocals and ability to connect with her audience through her music in addition to critical acclaim for her roles in various films and TV shows.

    Suicides occur impulsively in moments of crisis that undermine the ability to face the stresses of life, such as financial problems, sentimental breakups, pain, and chronic illnesses. Coco Lee’s untimely death left us all in desolation.

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