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Marijuana And Heart Disease Risk: Peripheral Arterial Disease Is The New Danger Behind Marijuana Use

In a new study, marijuana and heart disease risk have been observed in a young age group, which decreases long-term life expectancy.  Experts Link Marijuana Risk Heart...

Best Bronzer For Light Skin, Self-Tanner, Or Natural Tan?

With the arrival of summer, we are all invaded by the same desire: to get a tan. The sun arrives, and it may even...

What Is Nattokinase Good For? Does Nattokinase Work? Lets Discover!

 Why should we include natto in our diet? What are the benefits of nattokinase? Natto is a preparation of legumes fermented by the bacteria Bacillus subtilis....

Malaria Vaccine WHO Approved: The Second Malaria Vaccine And Will Be Available In Mid-2024

Have you heard about the malaria vaccine WHO approved? Malaria kills more than 600,000 people worldwide, mostly children in Africa. World health leaders warn that the...

Why Does Our Hair Fall Out? How To Use Rosemary Oil For Hair?

Did you know rosemary oil benefits hair loss? There could be many reasons why you notice your hair falling out more than usual. How many times...

The Magic Serum: How to use Rosemary Oil for Hair, and Rosemary Oil Benefits for Hair

What is Rosemary oil? Rosemary oil is a natural oil that comes from an aromatic plant that is called rosemary. It's made by extracting the...

The Most Delicious Drink for a Summer Day: Watermelon Punch recipe and more!

Watermelon punch is a fan-favourite drink in the summertime as we all know. When it's hot outside and you're looking for a refreshing drink,...


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