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Alisha Lumann Relationship Complete Story – Patch up 

Alisha Lehmann is popular as the world’s sexiest female footballer and a standout player for Aston Villa women. Notably,

Alisha Lumann Relationship Complete Story – Patch up 

Alisha Lehmann is popular as the world’s sexiest female footballer and a standout player for Aston Villa women. Notably, she gained fame during her football career, gaining recognition as one of the most successful players in the Aston Villa women’s team and a cute player for the Switzerland women’s national team. Alisha has captivated fans not only with her on-field prowess but also with her interesting dating history. Was Alisha Lumann relationship existing or it all was a rumor? Stay tuned here, if you are curious to know about our top footballer’s dating history and current love status. 

Alisha Lehmann Relationship With Ramona Bachmann

Initially, Alisha Lehmann’s heart belonged to Ramona Bachmann, a PSG and Swiss women’s national team player. The couple who played for rival teams in the Women’s Super League indicated their love in the public eye. Both were on a TV show where they talked about how hard it is to date when you play against each other in soccer. Even though they broke up in 2021, these partners still play together for their country’s team and are friends. They get along well, even though they used to be in a relationship.

Alisha Lehmann Relationship With Douglas Luiz

Then, Alisha Lehmann relationship began with the football star, Douglas Luiz, who also played for Aston Villa. They were a famous couple, and people talked a lot about them. They shared their relationship on social media, especially on Instagram which gave a sweet vibe. But in 2022, they broke up because they might fought for a calendar photoshoot that Alisha did. They had been together for over a year before deciding to go their separate ways.

Alisha Lehmann Relationship

Alisha Lehmann Relationship With Marcus Rashford

There are rumors on Alisha Lehmann’s friendship with Marcus Rashford that they are partners but they never try to maintain a romantic relationship. The Manchester United player came to her aid in a Manchester nightclub. However, Rashford has been engaged to Lucia Loi since May 2022. So, the news of his affair with our hot footballer is wrong. 

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Patch Up 

After the break-up, Alisha Lehmann hadn’t pursued a new relationship. Notably, She shared a picture on Valentine’s Day which showed she was single. Fortunately, Lehmann is back in a relationship with Douglas Luiz after being single for a while. This fact was confirmed when the Aston Villa player uploaded this news on social media during Welcome the New Year in 2024. Alisha shared photos on social media featuring herself with Douglas and his family. 

Alisha Lehmann with BF family

Moreover, they openly expressed affection by exchanging “I love you” messages in the comments section. So, we can say that Alisha Lehmann relationship still continues with her life love. I hope that you are also happy for her like me. 

Key Takeaways

  • Alisha Lehmann has various relationships throughout her career.
  • She initially dated Ramona Bachmann, a fellow soccer player, but they broke up in 2021. Besides it, they remain friends and teammates.
  • Alisha then entered a relationship with Douglas Luiz. They garnered attention as a couple but everything finished in 2022, possibly due to disagreements.
  • Rumors circulated about Alisha and Marcus Rashford, but they are just friends. Marcus is engaged to someone else.
  • It’s confirmed they patch up in 2024 via social media.
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