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Arden Cho Relationship – How Many Boyfriends She Has?  

Arden Cho is mostly known for acting, modeling, and singing. She worked with top brands, such as Reebok and

Arden Cho Relationship – How Many Boyfriends She Has?  

Arden Cho is mostly known for acting, modeling, and singing. She worked with top brands, such as Reebok and Nike. Arden also produced and starred in a musical film called ‘Stuck’ in 2017. She loves singing and shares her music on her YouTube channel. You might recognize her as Kira Yukimura from ‘Teen Wolf’ or from other TV shows like ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ But do you ever listen to her as a girlfriend, maybe from rumors? If you are her fan or only interested in her private life, like Arden Cho Relationship, keep reading this article. We are sharing all the details you are looking for. 


Before discussing her relationship, let’s know properly who she is. Arden Cho grew up in Amarillo, Texas, in a close-knit Korean-American family. During her childhood, she was interested in various activities, like playing the piano, sports, tennis, and golf. Arden Cho had further a passion for singing and acting since a young age. Her family moved to Dallas, Texas, where Arden attended high school.

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Arden Cho childhood

Arden Cho participated in beauty pageants and won the title of Miss Korea Dallas in her teenage years. After completing high school, she went on to study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Arden’s childhood experiences and interests laid the pinnace for her later pursuits in acting, singing, and modeling. Keep in mind that these details provide a simplified overview, and her life experiences may involve additional nuances and complexities.

Arden’s Career

Undoubtedly, Arden Cho is a talented lady who took a place in different fields. People liked her passions, acting, shows, and creating content. They wait for her next one. Besides, you can find her singing on YouTube. She sings engaging songs, and sometimes she even writes her own songs.

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Arden Cho Career

Notably, she made her prominent personality in other industries, like modeling. Currently, she works with different brands to show off their clothes or products. She looks damn hot in shoot photos. Moreover, She likes to share vlogs about her life on social media, mostly on Instagram and Twitter. Arden talks to her fans and lets them know what she’s up to.

Arden Cho Relationship

Firstly, Arden Cho relationship started with Ryan Higa who is a popular YouTuber. Notably, they were in a relationship for a few years. But officially letting fans know in February 2019. They first met while working on a short film in 2010. Besides Arden’s career, she collaborated with Ryan on his YouTube channel and seems to doing lots of funny skits. They made their relationship public very soon. Unfortunately, about a year after going public, Arden Cho relationship broke up in 2020. They said it was a mutual decision and friendly. Ryan announced it in a video called ‘My Midlife Crisis,’ where he said that they weren’t dating anymore. 

Arden Cho Relationship - How Many Boyfriends She Has?  

Some cheating rumors took place in his life afterward, but Ryan denied it. After the breakup, Arden Cho hasn’t been seen with anyone romantically. She’s keeping her dating life private and seems focused on her career. Fortunately, she made her place as the CEO of a watch company in New York. Then, our cute actress got a role in the live-action “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series, playing a character called June in 2022. Currently, it looks like she’s liked being single and working hard for her career. We wish her the best in all her future projects!

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Bottom Line

We can say that everything happened with Arden Cho relationship, only to make her a successful lady. That is the reason she appears to be a source of inspiration for today’s youth. The hardships she faced helped her to become the person she is now. 

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