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Beyond Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus’Relationship Timeline

INTRODUCTION: Miley Cyrus is a personality and a celebrity who doesn’t rely on introductions due to making headlines now

Beyond Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus’Relationship Timeline


Miley Cyrus is a personality and a celebrity who doesn’t rely on introductions due to making headlines now and then, but let’s break down a little bit of information about the early and current stage of her career.

Cyrus is a singer and actress who rose to fame as a teenager, was loved by children and adults, and was a role model to many young girls when she played Hannah Montana’s role on the Disney Channel. 

Cyrus throughout her career, captivated audiences with her music and singing along with her personal life, public appearances, and high-profile relationships.

Let’s take a look back at some of Cyrus’ most prominent relationships.

Nick Jonas

Cyrus’ first teenage love journey began with Nick Jonas; as per the sources and interviews, they met at an event and found themselves attracted to each other, but they kept it private and did not officially disclose their relationship to the public back then.

However, with their frequent joint appearances, both on and off stage, the media was quick enough to analyze their relationship status.

Her relationship with Nick Jonas did not last long; it lasted for just a year.

Cyrus even wrote a heartfelt breakup note, mentioning she was severely heartbroken due to the breakup. She did not mention anyone’s name, but it was clear who she was talking about.

Justin Gaston

After Breaking up with Nick Jonas, Cyrus restarted her dating journey with Justin Gaston in 2008 who is a model and country singer,

The Couple met when Cyrus’s father “Billy Ray Cyrus” Hosted a singing competition in Nashville Star.

In the early stages of their relationship, Cyrus openly mentioned in her interviews that she loves him and stated Gaston is a respectful and selfless person and the best thing that happened to her.

The pair were last seen together in June 2009 at a Hannah Montana Wrap Party, a few days later a source close to the couple revealed that the couple had broken their relationship and parted ways.

Liam Hemsworth

Cyrus and Hemsworth co-starred in the movie “The Last Song” in August 2009, they were seen locking lips at an airport in Nashville just after wrapping of the film shooting.

After confirming their relationship Cyrus stated, “Liam was the first person that made me want to be in a real relationship.”

After dating for three years, the couple got engaged in May 2012, but one year later the couple announced that have ended their engagement.

In January 2016, Cyrus and Hemsworth were spotted together at a music festival confirming their reconciliation news circulating, later that month the couple re-engaged.

After two years of engagement, the couple got married and posted their wedding photos on Instagram sources close to the couple commented on their relationship stating They don’t have doubts about their relationship,” a source later told the media. “They both wanted to get married. They have both matured a lot, and it seemed like the perfect time for them to get married.”

But after just seven months of marriage, the couple decided to part ways and they thought it would be best for them to focus on themselves and their careers and finalized their divorce in January 2020.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Cyrus and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger were making headlines after they were spotted together at a Halloween event in Los Angeles with their group of friends, a few weeks later the couple were seen kissing at a football game.

In March 2015, some photos were circulated showing Schwarzenegger with another woman while on vacation in Mexico, after the false rumors, Schwarzenegger was quick to make it clear to the public that the woman he was found with was his friend’s girlfriend and he would never cheat on his girlfriend.

The couple’s relationship went on a rough patch after those photos but later they sorted it out and were seen dating again on multiple occasions

Although the couple did sort out their differences but couldn’t keep up the relationship much longer and called it quits in April, due to Schwarzenegger’s focus on his studies on the other hand Cyrus focused on her career.

Stella Maxwell

In 2015, Rumors started to swirl that Cryus was seeing Victoria’s Secret Model Stella Maxwell and they were seen together in June 2015, according to sources they met over drinks in New York City.

While they never officially confirmed their relationship status they often posted pictures together on their respective Instagram Pages.

In July 2015, the couple was spotted kissing after being confronted by the media to address her relationship with the model Cyrus Commented that she wasn’t looking for a relationship and cleared the air with the public that she and Stella are just good friends, not partners.

Kaitlynn Carter

In August 2019, Cryus and Kaitlynn Carter made headlines after they were spotted kissing in Italy, just after Cyrus confirmed the news of splitting up with Hemsworth,

Neither of them confirmed the news, sources close to the couple stated they were just having fun together that’s all

Carter supported Cryus backstage at the 2019 VMAs, where Cyrus performed her breakup song “Slide Away.” after the performance the couple were spotted holding each other’s hand on their way to a nightclub.

In early September, the couple wore matching clothes on their date in New York City and L. A and had a lunch date with Cyrus’ Mom Tish Cyrus.

Cyrus and Carter decided to split by the end of the month, Sources revealed that Cyrus wants to focus on her career more than her relationships. it wasn’t easy for her but that is ultimately what she wanted.

Cody Simpson

Cyrus and Cody a long-time friend later emerged as a couple when they were spotted locking lips at a L.A. grocery store.

The Same Month, Simpson also visited Cyrus in the hospital while Cyrus was in treatment for tonsillitis.

A few days later, Simpson Confirmed his relationship with Cyrus and stated that they are very happy together and they are getting along very well.

Throughout their relationship, the pair posted several intimate selfies and they began working on music together, but they released their joint music  

After 10 Months of Dating, in August 2020, The couple decided to part ways stating that was a mutual decision and they were seeking and heading towards different directions in their lives.

Maxx Morando

Cyrus and Morando seeing each other rumors started to swirl in December 2021.

Cryus officially linked to Morando when the pair were spotted holding hands and dancing together backstage during Cyrus’ NBC Special Miley’s New Year’s Eve party.

One Year Later Cyrus in an interview Cryus Revealed that she went on a blind date with Morando and wasn’t expecting much out of a date.

The Couple are very much involved in each other’s career, Morando Even helped Cyrus Produce two of her songs.

When Cryus received her first Grammy in early 2024, she was seen kissing Morando at the event and even gave him a shout-out in her acceptance speech.

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