Bring Me The Horizon’s Keyboardist Exit: Surprising News and Future Plans

  • December 22, 2023
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Bring Me The Horizon’s Keyboardist Exit: Surprising News and Future Plans

In a Surprising turn of events, Music Band “Bring me The Horizon” has officially parted ways their long time member keyboardist, Jordan Fish, the band made the announcement on their social media platform on December 22nd, expressing appreciation about working together for such a long period of time in the band and wishing Fish a successful future in the music industry

The announcement on their social media also mentioned their ongoing project “Nex Gen”, confirming the fans to releasing their album soon, despite the Fish’s exit, the band is planning up their UK tour in January.  

Fish was Involved from past 11 years with the band and was found missing in recent Band’s Shows, Fish also expressed gratitude and pride of their working together and achievements, and is exciting what is to come in his career and will be concentrating on songwriting and production along with instrumental talent.

Fish did not only played his role as a keyboardist but was actively involved in writing songs for the band such as “Sempiternal”, “That’s the Spirit”, and “Amo.’

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