Cardi B Breaks Silence on Reconciliation Rumors with Offset: ‘Shut the ** up!’

  • December 31, 2023
  • 2 min read
Cardi B Breaks Silence on Reconciliation Rumors with Offset: ‘Shut the ** up!’

Cardi B the Grammy award winning artist recently posted on her Instagram post calling her Husband Offset as  “b-tch ass n––a” and hinted that they may be getting divorced, but as of now there’s been speculation going on that they may be getting back together which Cardi B totally denies Stating on her X Account saying “Shut the ** up. Did I say I was back together with somebody?! Did I say that?!”

The Speculation came when people saw the couple together during the Christmas Holidays, assuming of possible reconciliation, which Cardi B Aggressively denies and expressed her frustration.

Despite the public scrutiny, many fans are in favor of Cardi B, acknowledging the complexity of her relationship with Offset. As the couple, who share two children, is frequently seen together, some fans speculate that their interactions may be related to co-parenting rather than a romantic reconciliation and due to Cardi B Denying any possibility of reconciliation.

Cardi B’s relationship has been notably open to the public eye, marked by mutual accusations of infidelity. Since their marriage in 2017, the couple has consistently stirred controversies about their personal lives, captivating people’s attention

Cardi B appears to be fed up with the persistent rumors and speculation surrounding her personal life. She expressed her frustration, stating that she might consider deleting her social media accounts if fans continue making false assumptions. Despite the heated response, Cardi B later admitted her feelings, saying, ‘I must be a lil toxic cuz I enjoyed cursing ya out today… but we’re not taking that into 2024

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