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DizzyKitten Anthony Break Up – Relationship

Dizzykitten is an American Model, Twitch Star, well-known as an Instagram star. Her fans are curious to know whom

DizzyKitten Anthony Break Up – Relationship

Dizzykitten is an American Model, Twitch Star, well-known as an Instagram star. Her fans are curious to know whom she is dating now, and all about his relationships. Rumors said various stories about her private life, but we are provided all the details of Dizzykitten’s love life. So, if you are one of her fans or curious to know DizzyKitten’s Breakup, affair, keep reading this article. 

Who is Dizzykitten?

DizzyKitten has become a popular model with a growing fan list. Her popularity is evident in her presence on Instagram, where she shares regular updates and has over 150K followers. While her early life and education are not disclosed, her unique ASMR streams have contributed significantly to her rise in the digital industry. 


Who is Anthony?

As for Kongphan, he’s a famous Twitch streamer with lots of followers. Before streaming, he was an actor and model. He’s known for streaming for long hours, sometimes for charity. Kongphan collaborates with other streamers for good content. 

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kongphan with dizzykitten

Dizzykitten Anthony’s Period of Relationship 

If we talk about the time when DizzyKitten (Brandi Donaldson) was in a relationship with Anthony Kongphan, yes! They were love birds, we can say they fell in love during work together. According to some sources, they started their affair on 8 May 2021. Dizzykitten, her boyfriend when was a couple streamed together with Grimmmz. This went on for about two years and they created videos that people enjoyed.

Dizzykitten Anthony's Period of Relationship 

During those two years, Both streamers had good and not-so-good times. They celebrated their first anniversary happily on 8 May 2022 by going to events like a Vampire Prom and playing games like Among Us. Notably, you may watch the funny moments they shared, such as when DizzyKitten was doing ASMR and Kongphan accidentally set off the fire alarms. Their relationship seemed the best time for her because we had seen DizzyKitten post cute pictures on social media and expressed happiness.

DizzyKitten Anthony Breakup

Unfortunately, these happy times turn sad. Rumors about their breakup spread on Reddit, leaving fans unsure. The truth was tough—DizzyKitten found out that Kongphan had been cheating on her for almost a year, and someone she knew told her about it. He had an affair with another girl who was also a streamer and their friend.

When DizzyKitten confronted him, she noted that he not only cheated but also manipulated and mistreated her. Kongphan admitted he wanted to see how things would go before breaking up. The breakup got even more complicated when DizzyKitten saw another girl with her man. Their friend, Grimmmz decided he didn’t want to maintain his friendship with Kongphan anymore because of his double face. 

After DizzyKitten Anthony’s Breakup

After the breakup, DizzyKitten and Grimmmz decided to move on and focus on their videos. They were doing well, and Reddit users had their theories about the breakup, some said friendships faded.

Bottom Line

DizzyKitten and Kongphan’s happy times changed to sad due to cheating and mistreatment. They are not interfering with each other’s lives now, while Kongphan continues to stream and help charities despite the breakup.

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