‘Doctor Who’ Adds Neil Patrick Harris to 60th Anniversary

  • December 10, 2023
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‘Doctor Who’ Adds Neil Patrick Harris to 60th Anniversary


The iconic British science fiction series ‘Doctor Who’ has left a long lasting impression on UK television history. With a remarkable story of time-traveling adventures, The TV Show became very popular all over UK, even after 60 years people still love it demanding to re-air the show because of its exciting storyline, amazing characters, and the impact of the Main Character Doctor’s adventures in different place and time

Neil Patrick Harris: A Versatile Entertainer

Neil Patrick Harris is a well-known and accomplished American actor whose versatile roles have made a strong impact in the entertainment world. Rising to fame with his roles in “Doogie Howser, M.D.” and “How I Met Your Mother,” Harris has showcased his talent across various platforms, including film, theater, and television. Notable for his versatile career, he is known to be prominent artist on the entertainment industry. His contributions extend to successful movie series like “Harold & Kumar,” adding to his successful career and establishing him as a renowned figure in the world of entertainment.

Neil Patrick Harris Joins Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special Unfamiliar with the Series

Surprisingly, Neil Patrick Harris accepted a role in Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary special titled “The Giggle.” Official statements from the film reveal that Harris was entirely unfamiliar with the TV show when he was approached for the role.

Showrunner Russell T Davies, who has past experience working with Harris, expressed his joy at working with the actor again. Harris will be playing a negative character known as the Toy Maker, a character introduced in the ‘60s. Despite not having knowledge of the show’s story and background, Harris accepted the role and traveled to Cardiff for shooting.

The Toymaker and Neil Patrick Harris’ Adaptation

The Toymaker, described as the god of games, engages in card shuffling and magic tricks, fits perfectly for a versatile actor like Harris. The character was played previously by the actor “Michael Gough”. In 1966, Davies highlighted how difficult it was to get someone to be perfect for the role for its complex story line, seems like a versatile and talented actor like Harris will be ideal choice for the role

Harris’s Uninformed Introduction to Doctor Who

Davies reveals he himself contacted Harris for the role, instead of going through official channels like auditioning different actors that is the level of confidence he had on Harris who was unfamiliar with the show, but despite the initial lack of knowledge, Harris grabbed the opportunity and joined the cast for a spectacular experience

The Giggle and Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special

“The Giggle” will be the final episode of show, featuring the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to their iconic roles, Harris Role will be adding new dimension to the series, Fans Are eagerly waiting to see the villian character harris will be playing goes to play with the other two main characters of the show  Doctor and Donna,

The episode is announced to air on December 9th, and fans are eagerly waiting to see Harris’s performance and the unique element he adds to the British classic TV show.

As the special episode airs on December 9, Doctor Who enthusiasts eagerly await Harris’s performance and the unique dynamic he brings to the long-running science fiction series.

New episodes of “Doctor Who” will also be available on BBC iPlayer and Disney+

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