Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul

  • December 4, 2023
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Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul

An Earthquake Stuck at Magnitude of 5.1 is reported in the South Of Istanbul on Monday 12/4/203, causing no casualties so far

As Per Reports of AFAD Emergency services, the epicenter of the earthquake was in “Gemlik Bay” of the Marmara Sea, Approx 60 Kilometers south of Istanbul, near the city of Bursa

According to reports, people on both the Asian and European sides of the region felt their walls shaking, striking fear and prompting them to evacuate their residences for safety

The disaster management team may temporarily suspend operations in the earthquake zone to assess and check for any possible damages

A higher magnitude earthquake occurred back in 1999, registering at 7.6 on the Richter scale on the city’s eastern outskirts, resulting in more than 17,000 reported casualties

Istanbul Population has doubled since then to 16 Million people

Not long ago, in February, Turkey faced two major earthquake disasters, claiming almost 50,000 lives and causing widespread destruction, with thousands of buildings reported destroyed across many cities

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