Festive Fun: Glen Powell and Family Embrace Elf Spirit to Promote Anyone But You

  • December 22, 2023
  • 2 min read
Festive Fun: Glen Powell and Family Embrace Elf Spirit to Promote Anyone But You

Forget booring and usual press conferences! Glen Powell has found a delightfully festive way to promote his upcoming film, “Anyone but You.” Ditching the typical promotional activities, Powell embraced the Christmas spirit with his family, transforming into elves straight out of Will Ferrell’s beloved holiday classic, “Elf.”

Sharing the holiday fun on Instagram, Powell documented their adventures decked out in full elf attire. They frolicked around the city and malls, recreating hilarious scenes from the movie, much to the delight of fans. From jumping around with infectious cheer to clicking selfies with fans, the Powells exuded pure Christmas joy.

Adding a touch of playful humor, Powell even perched on Santa’s lap with a cheeky quip: “Santa doesn’t smell like Santa! He smells like beef and cheese!” And no elf adventure is complete without admiring a giant billboard, which in this case happened to be for “Anyone But You,” prompting his whole family to exclaim a big “woooooooow.”

Powell’s heartwarming Christmas adventure with his family has somehow connected with audiences, who are loving their infectious joy and celebration of “Elf.” This creative stunt not only showcases Powell’s personality but also subtly generates promotion for his upcoming film, co-starring Sydney Sweeney.

Ultimately, Powell’s creative way of celebrating festive serve as a heartwarming reminder that Christmas is about more than just presents and decorations. It’s about sharing laughter, spreading joy, and embracing the magic of the season with loved ones. And whether you’re an “Elf” fanatic or simply appreciate a good dose of Christmas cheer, there’s no denying that the Powells have delivered it in spades.

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