Francia Raisa Reflects on Reconciliation with Selena Gomez: ‘No Beef, Just Salsa’

  • January 7, 2024
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Francia Raisa Reflects on Reconciliation with Selena Gomez: ‘No Beef, Just Salsa’

In the latest news, Francia Raisa in her interview with USA Today an actress known for her role in “How I Met Your Father,” Shared her relationship story with Mega Star Selena Gomez, Raisa addresses the public’s Fascination with their friendship, which in the past faced challenges, and now is getting better.

Raisa made it clear there weren’t any reason for the estrangement between her friendships with Gomez, Stating We never really had beef with each other. Nothing happened, and if you ask either of us, we don’t know what happened. But we needed that time apart.” Raisa expressed that the time they spent apart was important for personal growth for both.

Raisa and Gomez are teenage friends, Friendship was so deep and true that when Gomez was having difficult medical conditions Raisa Selflessly donated one of her kidney to her teenage friend, after that their friendship went to a period of depression after the transplant surgery as revealed by Raisa in an Interview with Harry Connick Jr in 2018.

Speculation about their friendship fueled up in 2022, when Gomez mentioned Taylor Swift as her only friend in this industry not mentioning Raisa’s name in a Rolling Stone Interview and even not mentioning of Raisa in Her Apple TV+ Documentary featuring friends. Which Raisa raised questions on her exclusion on social media that sparked a brief online exchange of words between the two

Despite the ups and downs in the past, their friendship is seem to be improving as seen in July 2023 as Gomez Posted a birthday tribute to Raisa on Instagram, The Grown-ish star accepted that they didn’t communicate a lot in 2022, but they got their relationship better after the Gomez Birthday Post Stating “I don’t know why the universe decided this timing … then she reached out and said, ‘Let’s talk,'” Both went to dinner together to clear their differences concluding that there was “no beef, just salsa.”

Raisa Also Addressed the questions asked to her about kidney donation during their estrangement in reply she replied that she never regretted the decision stating “And obviously, you know, I gave the girl a kidney, so everyone felt a certain way, and I was asked for years and years and years, ‘Do you regret it?’ and I was like, ‘No, the relationship has always been there.’ There was just a tiff.”

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