George R.R. Martin Confirms Three ‘Game Of Thrones’ Animated Spin-Off Projects After ‘Nine Voyages’ Change.

  • January 3, 2024
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George R.R. Martin Confirms Three ‘Game Of Thrones’ Animated Spin-Off Projects After ‘Nine Voyages’ Change.

George R.R. Martin, the creator of the ‘Game of Thrones’ cosmos has once again shared the progress of the work underway to bring his stories to the screen. The ‘Nine Voyages’ series will be an animated series and not a live-action one.

Steve Toussaint is the actor who plays Lord Vorlus Velaryon, the protagonist of ‘Nine Voyages’, which will now be an animated series and not a live-action one.

George R.R. Martin has finished the year by updating the status of some of the ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off ideas in development. In addition to the spin-off about the character of Jon Snow that will once again feature Kit Harrington, three other live-action derivative series projects now become two.

The first is ‘10,000 Ships’ or ‘Nymeria,’ since the title has yet to be decided, and the second is ‘The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Errant Knight.’

According to the writer, the third will become an animated series.

This is ‘Nine Voyages’, based on the book of the same title, which follows Lord Vorlus Velaryon on his journeys aboard the Sea Snake. We have already met a character in ‘The House of the Dragon’ played by Steve Toussaint.

“We have moved ‘Nine Voyages,’ our series about the legendary voyages of the Sea Snake, from live action to animation,” he wrote on his website ‘Not a blog.’

And he goes on to explain that the reason for the change is economic: “A live-action version would have been prohibitively expensive, since half of the series takes place at sea and it would be necessary to create a different port every week, from Driftmark to Lys, at Basilisk Islands, Volantis or Qarth; a whole world. And there are more possibilities to show it all with animation.”

“So now we have three animation projects underway,” he confirmed. Even so, that does not mean that they will be released since they still need the green light.

As he himself has said, these projects often end up being “archived,” as he prefers to say, instead of “deleted” since he always trusts that some of those stories can come true years later. “I still hope to present the stories we left out in another form, perhaps as graphic novels.”

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