Gloria Abe Biography – Wife of Mark David 

You may think that Gloria Abe is an ordinary girl, but she is a woman whose life is filled

Gloria Abe Biography – Wife of Mark David 

You may think that Gloria Abe is an ordinary girl, but she is a woman whose life is filled with strength, resilience, and determination. Gloria’s story is inspirational for everyone, from her early years in Hawaii to facing challenges in her personal and professional life. Literally, she got fame because of her husband. If you are curious to know the twisting reality, stay with us. We will learn about Gloria Abe in today’s article. Let’s start reading!


Full Name Gloria Abe
Date of BirthApril 3, 1951
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality American 
Ex-husband Mark David Chapman
Martial Status Divorced 
Lucky Number7
Lucky Color Red
Hair Color Salt and pepper 
Eye Color Brown 

Early Life

Gloria was born in Hawaii on April 3, 1951. Her early life was straightforward and simple. She went to North Western High School, an important part of her career that influenced her future. Her educational details have not been provided yet. We will do so whenever she wants to disclose them.


Gloria didn’t give up in tough times, which she saw because of her husband’s actions. She started a company called American Management Assistance (AMA) to help travel and tourism businesses in 1978. AMA became well-known because of her smart plans. Gloria stayed focused on her work even though her husband, Mark David Chapman, did something illegal that got a lot of attention. 

Gloria Abe profession

Obviously, running the company wasn’t easy for Gloria because of her husband’s legal problems, but she didn’t let it slow her down. Instead, she made AMA even more popular by getting more clients and making it one of the top consulting companies in the field. So, people in the business respected and admired her for working hard and doing great things. AMA is still doing well under Gloria’s leadership in 2024, which indicates how committed she is to doing a great job.

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Love Life

Gloria’s sad part of her life came when she met Mark David Chapman, known for a tragedy in New York. She got married to Mark in June 1979. Although Gloria was born in Hawaii, but she decided to live in the United States after marrying Mark Chapman. 

She became an American, making the U.S. her home. They didn’t have kids, and their relationship together faced many problems. Gloria is now living on her own and shows her strength in tough situations.


Gloria received public attention and criticism after Mark’s arrest. She clarified that she didn’t know about his plans, and just explained her decision to marry him. The controversies in her life indicate the challenges she faced with resilience.

Personal Preferences

As the years went by, Gloria started celebrating her birthdays in a more simple way. She now prefers spending time with family and friends at smaller gatherings.

Gloria Abe

It means that she values close connections. This change highlights how she now sees love and support as really important, especially during tough times in life.

Current Status in 2024

Gloria is 73 years old now and still strong and independent. She effectively manages AMA and doesn’t worry about where her husband is. Mark David Chapman has been in prison for almost twenty years, but Gloria shows that not every woman needs a man.

Net Worth

Gloria’s financial stability can be imagined through her role as a management assistant. We can’t give her exact net worth because she has not disclosed it. Her success is also reflected in her comfortable life.

Gloria Abe net worth

Bottom Line

Gloria Abe’s life story consists of love, difficulties, and controversies through which she deals with her inner strength. Her story inspires youngsters and a moral that determination can conquer life’s complexities.

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