Grand Entrance: Grand Theft Auto the Trilogy Joins Netflix’s Impressive Gaming Lineup

  • November 30, 2023
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Grand Entrance: Grand Theft Auto the Trilogy Joins Netflix’s Impressive Gaming Lineup

Netflix, renowned as the leading movie streaming platform and recognized as the best entertainment hub for watching favorite movies and TV shows, is now venturing into another milestone to further engage its subscribers with the introduction of free-to-play games.

For those still unaware of this new feature, Netflix announced its mobile free-to-play gaming service in November 2021, an additional benefit for subscribers. One of the most played and addictive games, “Grand Theft Auto,” is set to receive a new version called Game Theft Auto The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.” According to officials from both Netflix and Rockstar, this version will combine GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Subscribers can pre-register for the game starting today on iOS and Google Play, and it will be directly accessible within the Netflix app.

Netflix is already planning to add more interesting and highly demanded games, including “Katana Zero,” “Death’s Door,” and “Hades.” While Netflix may not have an extensive collection of games, it does boast big names in the market on its app, such as “Kentucky Route Zero,” “Before Your Eyes,” “Immortality,” “Spiritfarer,” and “Dead Cells.”

According to officials, not many users are currently playing games on Netflix, but the streaming giant is hopeful that the dynamics will change after the official launch of the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy. The GTA Trilogy will be available for Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android through the Netflix app on December 14th.

With numerous other streaming platforms emerging, offering additional free gaming services could be Netflix’s game-changing strategy to retain its subscribers and keep them engaged with their subscriptions

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