How Content Creators are Using AI to Empower Businesses

  • December 2, 2023
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How Content Creators are Using AI to Empower Businesses

As stated by Stacy Martinet of Adobe speaking to The Messenger, generative artificial intelligence can help ease creative barriers.

About a month ago, adobe announced better AI capabilities for Adobe express, a freely available design tool. In line with this, a new feature generative Fill and Text to Template, will provide users an opportunity to describe something briefly, while Adobe’s Firefly generative AI technology creates images and designs.

They are used to reduce the time it takes to create stylistic images as well as to make attractive artworks and designs for independent artists, big brands, and others. The ability to fast produce strong images has become more imperative in many of the professional capacities, says Stacy Martinet, the Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications at the Adobe.

Creators using AI to make higher quality content

Using generative AI for content creation to uncover a new wave of creativity and innovation as they improve productivity, reorganize and speed up workflow among creators. They are also writing down and uploading their stories on various platforms. Independent artists are not the only one experimenting with generative AI. Even big companies like Coca-Cola are getting involved. However, platforms are competing to be unique among themselves.

As an example, YouTube announced a generation of AI-powered tools for creators last week signaling its entry to the generative AI world. However, there is some competition in this market as Snap announced on Wednesday that it was to close its AR innovation division. The company gave many reasons for this choice, such as the difficulty the company had in making the distinction between its products in view of the appearance generative artificial intelligence.

Said Adam Dornbusch, EnTribe’s CEO and founder, “Those who are crafting the most interesting content will be the ones affected the most.” Tomorrow’s top stars are most likely not yet associated with any marketing departments, thus the sooner platforms and brands acknowledge this, the better they will fare.

At this stage, someone pointed out that content creators are earning hundreds of posts through exploiting every moment of their lives. Such an immense number of work speaks much about its necessity to have an assistance in creation of valuable stuff. Let’s look into this more.

YouTube Dream Screen

In addition, short platform has just incorporated a new generative AI brand dubbed “dream screen”. This functionality will be tested with a limited number of creators later this year and an official rollout is slated for January 2024. Users need to write down their visual concept in order for Dream Screen AI-generated content (images or video) backgrounds to be added.

CloudMelon is Melony Qin’s alias on YouTube, and it is her speciality to provide generative AI related educational information. She says that when Dream Screen comes out, she will want to try it. While Qin has been involved in generative AI projects of two brands, she is not ready to disclose the names of the brands or their deals.

Qin also notes that there are varying regulations in different locations that she must adhere to while employing generative AI.

Using AI in content creation

We shall now discuss how companies utilize AI for content creation. While the concept of artificial intelligence is long-time ago known, it is only a few months ago that many are speaking about it. Furthermore, what do you know? WOW!!, it does actually increase productivity.

  • Automated content creation

It is a revolution in AI content creation. Using parameters already specified, AI can produce text that sounds like humans, so companies are able to generate plenty of text quickly. With AI, it cuts off errors and saves time in everything, from products descriptions and blog posts to facebook posts and news stories.

  • Content Recommendations

The last section gives suggestions on custom content. The user behaviour and preference of Artificial Intelligence makes possible to personalize the content. Think about this as an in-house service of content concierge that boosts customer loyalty and user interaction.

  • Search engine optimization

These include optimization and selection of content. AI technologies help to filter through gigabytes of data, detect the key information and communicate it intelligibly. Moreover, AI is not only for words. With this ability, it will increase the visibility of your SEO content.

  •   Chatbots

Not to mention our friendly chat-bots in the neighbourhood. Through the help of AI, they give more than just typical customer service.

The chat-bots ask questions, chat with users and suggest personalized options depending on what the user prefers. They are indeed great assistants to the team.

  • Video creation

Video productions are now using more artificial intelligence than just combining text and images. Graphic designers are reduced in the creation of eye-catching illustrations, info-graphics, and visuals through the use of AI-powered tools.

In addition, AI is good in video editing that enables one to produce appealing content without involving much manual labor.

  • Social media management

It is good news for every social media fan as Artificial Intelligence manages your social media platforms. The software can help it plan posts, measure engagement, and even suggest the appropriate times for posting for maximum exposure.

Companies can also utilize sentiment analysis to gauge their audiences’ attitudes and react appropriately when necessary.

What? No design?

Design is not included in the list because few business owners use artificial intelligence for it. Despite the fact that I have seen some great AI generated content examples, it is not just there yet for them to be released as advertisements.

There are several ways in which human designers can still be important for the owners of business when looking for design customization so as to achieve their unique goals. The technology is still considered unreliable, hence this.

Through its capability, AI is playing a crucial role in most online businesses. We should welcome it as it is not a thing to be feared of.
Businesses can engage their audience and remain relevant in the digital world through AI-powered, customized interactions and timely postings.

With AI, companies may divert their energies towards more tactical initiatives and creative endeavors that can yield more gains for them in the digital field. Long live AI content creation!

How AI can empower you in your jobs

The quick growth of AI is greatly shifting the work landscape. It’s crucial for people to grasp how AI can boost their careers. AI can assist you in these ways with your career journey.

Task Automation

AI can efficiently streamline many recurring tasks often tied to specific jobs. This now allows professionals to concentrate on more strategic and imaginative parts of their work, thanks to this newly freed time. For instance, AI can manage ordinary inquiries and orders, rescuing customer service personnel from excessive work and strain.

Providing Insights

Artificial Intelligence can scan big chunks of information and spot trends that humans may miss. This crucial data helps make wise choices. It aids goals such as finding untouched markets and creating new products.

Personalize Experiences

Artificial Intelligence is key in tailoring content, suggestions, and exchanges for the distinct wants and likes of clients, workers, and other involved groups.

Provide Training

AI helps make employee training better with interactive activities, practice scenarios, and personalized lessons. By using this method, companies can make sure their team is ready for new job demands that change over time.

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