How Did Daredevil Get His Powers in Comics and Live-Action Series?

  • December 13, 2023
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How Did Daredevil Get His Powers in Comics and Live-Action Series?

Daredevil is Marvel’s iconic character, first introduced in 1964. But the majority of the MCU fans probably noticed him after his cameo in She-Hulk back in 2022. So, today we’ll discuss how did Daredevil get his powers, making it easier for novices to grasp his origin story and true potential. 

He gained enhanced senses and abilities through a series of events, which left him blind. Let’s grab all the details based on both comics and live-action series. 

Exposure to Radioactive Material

Matt Murdock was a young boy when he saved a man from a truck accident. However, suddenly a canister fell off the truck, striking Matt instead. The canister contained radioactive material, which took his ability to see while granting him super-heightened senses. 

All of Matt’s remaining senses, including hearing, touch, taste, and smell became extraordinarily acute. He gained a radar sense, essentially a 360-degree awareness of his surroundings. His enhanced senses also conferred him superhuman-level balance, agility, and reflexes.

Powers, Training, and Daredevil Persona 

Matt Murdock didn’t let his loss of vision hold him back. Firstly, he studied law, becoming an exceptional lawyer. Simultaneously, he trained himself in various martial arts and gymnastics under the guidance of Stick, a blind martial artist. His training with Stick was not just physical. It was also focused on helping Matt develop mental toughness. Thanks to this, Matt learned to overcome fear, pain, and self-doubt. 

With his sharpened abilities, Matt eventually became a masked vigilante “Daredevil” to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen. 

Daredevil has a variety of powers, which we have thoroughly seen in action while reading comics or watching live-action adaptions:

  • Superhuman Touch
  • Superhuman Hearing
  • Peak Human Fitness 
  • Human Lie Detection
  • Acrobat & Gymnasts
  • Superhuman Balance
  • Super Smell
  • Super Taste
  • Sharpshooting
  • Thermal Perception 
  • Minor-Level Telepathy
  • Atmokinesis
  • Encyclopedic Memory
  • Fear Toxins Immunity
  • Accelerated Healing

There’s one more power that Daredevil had and that’s knowledge of law. While not a direct part of his physical training, Matt’s education in law school played a vital role in his crime-fighting approach. His legal expertise allowed him to navigate the legal system, gather evidence, and represent the innocent in court.

Just know that despite having an extensive set of superhuman-level powers, Daredevil or simply Matt Murdock always followed a strong moral code, showing commitment to justice. This is also an inherent power that he possesses. His dedication to upholding justice and protecting the innocent has been a driving force in his crime-fighting endeavours, both as a superhero and a blind lawyer. 

Stay tuned with us to learn more about Daredevil. 

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