How Did Notti Osama Die? The Sprawling News Of A Dominican Rapper

  • August 23, 2023
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How Did Notti Osama Die? The Sprawling News Of A Dominican Rapper

The newsflash has left us startled. But, is it something unforeseen in the world of underground rap? So who is Notti Osama? And, how did Notti Osama Die? Who is Notti Osama Die? They identify the Dominican rapper murdered on a train in Upper Manhattan as Ethan Reyes.

How did Notti Osama Die? 

The New York Police identified Notti Osama as Ethan Reyes, the Dominican rapper, stabbed to death by a 15-year-old musical rival who ambushed him on the platform of the One train station at 137th Street in the Morningside Heights neighbourhood of Upper Manhattan in the middle of an argument.

The victim had recorded his most recent title, “Without You,” weeks ago his death. And at the time and day of his homicide, he already had 73,546 views on YouTube alone. Doesn’t this hurt? Why so much detriment? After all, he was just a bourgeoning teenager in the world of unconventional rap!

How Did Notti Osama Die? The Sprawling News Of A Dominican Rapper

What Do We Know:

Police said Reyes and his assailant were outside the train station where the dispute over the music began and continued on the platform, where witnesses say the victim pushed the killer, who pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the face. The abdomen was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital but could not be saved by doctors.

The murderer was taken to a hospital with injuries to his back and abdomen, but it was not clear whether he self-inflicted or was the victim of a counter guard attack. After being treated at the health center, the perpetrator was detained by the police and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Who was Notti Osama? 

Reyes was an aspiring professional rapper performing in the Hip Hop genre using a stage name of Muslim origin. He was the youngest of six children. Ethan and the defendant, whose identity is not revealed due to legal restrictions, met at the train above the station, near City College, a New York University community college, to exchange words that degenerated into tragedy.
The murdered man was living with his family in Yonkers after his relatives decided to move to that suburb next to the Bronx. 

Police used surveillance footage from the train station to track down the killer, who was bleeding from his back and abdomen, police said. If he had gone the route of a pop singer or any other style of art or music, he would have been very successful. It just so happens that his chosen music style ended in reciprocal violence.

Reyes sang with a brother named David, who also raps under the name “DD Osama” and has appeared in duets with him in the late man’s videos. He and David were a duo. They were very close, like twins. They were always together.

How Did Notti Osama Die? The Sprawling News Of A Dominican Rapper

Rappers often mock rivals in music videos and lyrics, which the NYPD believes add fuel to the gang fire:

Following a wave of violence involving rappers earlier this year, Mayor Adams declared war on the performers. They called for a ban on videos and accounts used to attack each other on social media.

Lily Ortega, Reyes’s cousin, described him as very affectionate and loved spending time with her family. An altar was improvised in front of Reyes’s building, decorated with candles, candles, photographs, flowers and messages written on cardboard.

Who Killed A 15-Year-Old Rapper? How Did Notti Osama Die? 

 At 3 pm on July 9, Notti Osama died after a battle with a 15-year-old opponent. The heinous act was also documented in released video footage of the incident. The Yonkers punch rapper brawled in the Washington Heights neighbourhood of Manhattan. Similarly, a knife that appeared to be a murder weapon was discovered at the crime scene.

A 15-year-old was charged with murder in the fatal stabbing in the subway of a 14-year-old emerging rapper in Manhattan. The murder of Ethan Reyes, who acted under the name “Notti Osama,” was due to a simmering dispute between the couple, the sources said.

Police did not publicly identify the boy accused of killing him due to his young age. The cops found Reyes bleeding through the stomach, and the adolescent was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said the authorities.

The police found a knife and a stick broom on the scene with clear pictures of all those present then and there at the heinous scene. Nonetheless, the forces recognized the alleged assailant using the camera images as the leading groundwork.

How Did Notti Osama Die? The Sprawling News Of A Dominican Rapper

Notti Osama Leaves Us Tormented:

The USA boasts some of the most talented rappers in the world. Regarding the top names, Notti Osama stands out with his unique flow and socially conscious lyrics that resonate with fans nationwide. He was a powerhouse rapper at just 15, blending different genres seamlessly with his catchy hooks. Regardless of your hip-hop preferences, there’s no denying the sheer talent that US rappers possess. 

The life of at least twenty rap artists stained the music industry in the United States in 2022. Horrifying statistics show that from January 1 to the night of this past Monday, violence between rivals, gangs or other crimes has ripped off famous rappers’ lives, including a Dominican.
 It is acknowledged that many of the rappers and underground performers have had somehow belonged to the world of mafias or street gangs. It is also known that part of this musical genre’s actions and communication language is that “the harder the crime, the more seriously people tend to take their music.”

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