How To Change Job To Meet Up Remote Working? 6 Keys To Switch Job To Meet Remote Working

  • November 27, 2023
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How To Change Job To Meet Up Remote Working? 6 Keys To Switch Job To Meet Remote Working

The transition from an in-person model to a hybrid or remote one is complex. This roadmap to change jobs to meet up with remote working may be helpful.

How to meet remote working

job to meet remote working is a reality that is here to stay. According to a survey, in January 2022, more than 40% of jobs in significant economies were remote or hybrid; Before the pandemic, the figure was 22%.

In addition, 66% of employees opted to change jobs to meet up remote working or doing it in a mixed way, while only one in three workers preferred the in-person model.

Here Is Your Job To Meet Remote Working

Done well, remote working provides valuable advantages for employees and employers. However, moving to remote or hybrid may seem risky for a company that has achieved success from an in-person structure.

Therefore, we ask ourselves: what are the keys to meeting the remote working model?

1: Create a ‘dream team’

Switching to meet the remote working model requires a transition. It is about something other than sending employees home overnight so they can start producing from there. To direct the process, creating a team responsible for leading the change is important.

Workana, a company specializing in hiring freelancers, calls this small team a “dream team.” It proposes electing a representative from each department with technical and personal capabilities to guide the rest of their area colleagues. The team will be in charge of creating the so-called road map and monitoring its compliance. The document must include what tools are needed, the objectives of each department and each member of the area, the budget, and the communication channels.

2: Clear communication and expectations

Communication is the essential element for everything to meet remote working. With personal contact eliminated from day-to-day life, the company must provide the most appropriate channels so that messages reach all team members, both general and individual.

Emails can be useful in some contexts, but a more agile and immediate tool is required to replace shared presence in the same physical space. The range of possibilities between chat channels is immense. Also, in the case of platforms to organize meetings.

It would be interesting to involve the team or representatives of each area in choosing these channels. They are the most knowledgeable of your needs. Another vital aspect is goal setting. They must be realistic and clear, and the entire team must assume them before launching into the new model.

3: Take care of cohesion

As for the existing team, managing motivation and communication between teammates is important. To do this, leaders must change their approach and enable channels, collaborative tools, and even in-person or virtual activities not 100% related to work to encourage group cohesion. The leader must also influence feedback. Changing jobs to meet up with the remote working model has the risk of making the worker feel unimportant, having the feeling that their work is left in limbo.

Leaders must consider this and reward or point out opportunities for improvement to their employees so that they see that their work is being valued.

4: Be open to new talent.

The move to a remote model opens up interesting possibilities for team improvement. Geographic barriers to hiring talent disappear, and savings on certain costs, such as rent or energy consumption, can also lead to a greater ability to attract good reinforcements. Also, to encourage employees who perform best.

5: Training

Using the selected tools to communicate and share information and projects in the cloud may be new for some team members, starting with the leaders. Therefore, it is important to invest in training. Otherwise, you will not be able to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this model, and you will even run the risk of information not flowing and processes getting stuck

6: You have to trust

Once the road map to meet up with remote working is defined, the tools are arranged, and the team is trained, it is time to start and trust. Remote work goes beyond a model. It is a culture, a way of understanding organization and team management. In it, you cannot see, touch, or hear every part of the process as when you share a physical space.

Freedom and flexibility are elements that, to the extent possible, leaders must be prepared to live with.

Why do employees prefer the hybrid work model?

To answer this question, a survey asked workers with remote work capabilities why they prefer hybrid work, and these were the most common responses:

  • Avoid travel time to and from the office every day, as well as pre-preparation time.
  • Better general well-being.
  • Flexibility to balance family needs or other obligations.
  • The option to work with colleagues in person.
  • Greater feeling of productivity and connection with the organization

At this point, how many days a week should my team comes to the office? When employees were asked how many days a week they would prefer to spend in the office, they did not offer a consensus.

Most employees agree on the importance of spending moderate time in the office. Still, on the other hand, 38% (almost 4 in ten) of employees prefer to spend two or three days in the office every week, while the other 30% (3 in 10) would prefer only to spend one or two days in the office a week.

Given these results, there is no preferred number of days to carry out activities in the office. Still, there is a general interest in doing so, showing a point in favor of incorporating hybrid work.

Ready! You are now prepared to implement a hybrid change job to meet up with remote working in your organization.

If you want to support hybrid work in your business, change jobs to meet up with remote working. Always ready to serve you!

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