Is Girl in the Basement, Elisabeth Fritzl Now Happy?

Elisabeth Fritzl survived the worst of humanity, which no one could even dare to imagine. Can you believe that

Is Girl in the Basement, Elisabeth Fritzl Now Happy?

Elisabeth Fritzl survived the worst of humanity, which no one could even dare to imagine. Can you believe that Elisabeth’s father imprisoned her in a basement, subjected her to sexual assault, and impregnated her with seven children over a course of 24 years? She lived in hell until the day she found liberation and her father was arrested for his heinous, horrific crimes. Let’s throw some light, exploring where is Elisabeth Fritzl now and if she is happy or not. 

Elisabeth Frtizl Changed Her Identity and Relocated

Elisabeth Fritzl and her children were set free in 2008 and her father, Josef Fritzl was sentenced to a lifetime prison after a series of trials. This was just the beginning of their new life, which was of course, full of challenges.

They were finally allowed to be in the open world but it was by no means easy to face the people. So, the first step that the police took to ensure their peace and safety was to change Elisabeth’s identity. She was given a new name, which nobody knows to date. It is still kept hidden. 

Elisabeth and her children moved to another place in northern Austria as police found it in their best interest. However, their residence premises remain unknown. It is reported that they have been living in a fortress-like house located in a village. 

The police and government didn’t stop supporting Elisabeth at any step of the way forward. In fact, the Austrian authorities allocated her with £54,000 in child allowance. This freed her from financial worries. She was also provided 24/7 bodyguard protection.

Elisabeth Frtizl Faced Continuous Struggles and Therapy

Elisabeth and all of her children had to get therapy in order to cope with the trauma. Her children were basically divided into two groups: upstairs and downstairs. Three children lived upstairs with Josef and Rosemarie while the other three lived downstairs, in the prison basement, with Elisabeth. All of them were equally traumatised, struggling and surviving in their own ways. 

The upstairs children had a hard time grasping that Josef had lied to them about their mother abandoning them. Moreover, he used to abuse them in childhood, which also had strong lingering impacts. It was also challenging for them to bear that their siblings had been imprisoned in the basement for so long. Whereas the downstair children used to feel deprived of normal development. They grew up without fresh air and sunshine while living confined in the basement. It was not easy for them to breathe in the open world. Plus, the abuse they endured during the imprisonment affected them badly. It is also worth noting that all of the children probably have genetic problems common to children born of incest. 

Just as her children were struggling, Elisabeth also had many battles to fight. For instance, she felt estranged from her mother, Rosemarie. She was traumatized and fed up over the fact that her mother accepted Josef’s made-up story about her joining a cult. She didn’t expect her mother to give up so easily. It broke her badly. 

It was reported that after taking therapy for 2 years in a row, Elisabeth and her children recovered well. In fact, Elisabeth’s aunt revealed that Elisabeth has started enjoying spending her time shopping, taking showers, and even driving. She also forgave and reconciled with her mother.

Thanks to ongoing therapeutic help, all of Elisabeth’s children also developed normal sibling relationships with each other, leaving their traumatic past behind. Most importantly, the three upstairs children soon embraced Elisabeth as their mother.

Elisabeth Frtizl Found Love and Got Married

The best part of Elisabeth’s journey was that she found true love at the right time. The fate didn’t test her any further, allowing her to fall in love with her bodyguard, Thomas Wagner. Although he’s 23 years younger than her, they found peace in each other and got married. 

The details of Elisabeth Fritzl’s marriage are not publicly revealed yet. It has been over a decade and we believe that they are living happily ever after. Elisabeth’s six children also live with them.

Wrapping Up 

Despite no direct connection with the outer world, Elisabeth Fritzl is loved by millions of people who keep praying for her prosperity and good health. We all hope that Elisabeth Fritzl now stays happy with her husband and children, far away from any struggles.

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