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Israel Uncovers 800 Shafts Leading to Hamas Tunnels Beneath Gaza

  • December 4, 2023
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Israel Uncovers 800 Shafts Leading to Hamas Tunnels Beneath Gaza


Israeli forces have uncovered 800 shafts leading to a vast underground network of tunnels and bunkers used by Hamas. Since the troops entered Gaza on October 27th, more than 50% of these tunnels have been destroyed

As per Hamas group the underground tunnel network is big as size of the New York Subway station to keep themselves and their operations protected

Tunnels, being both dangerous and highly effective, have become prime targets for the Israeli Army. The Israeli military is conducting airstrikes using advanced technology capable of targeting these secret passages

According to the Israeli military, these underground tunnels are primarily located in civilian areas, with many situated near or inside schools, kindergartens, mosques, and playgrounds.

The rising number of casualties and fatalities has raised global concerns, prompting even Washington to urge Israel to exercise caution on Saturday

Out of the approximately 800 tunnels that were discovered, around 500 have been destroyed using methods such as detonation and sealing off. According to reports, crucial tunnel routes have been neutralized

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