Jermaine Lloyd Pennant Life Story – Biography, Childhood, Career, Girlfriends, Childrens, and Physical Appearance 

Jermaine Lloyd Pennant is the English football virtuoso who got fame due to his outstanding abilities. He had been

Jermaine Lloyd Pennant Life Story – Biography, Childhood, Career, Girlfriends, Childrens, and Physical Appearance 

Jermaine Lloyd Pennant is the English football virtuoso who got fame due to his outstanding abilities. He had been working in this specific field since his childhood, like Jermaine took part in many teams whose names are  discussed later. Moreover, Rumor said that he is the partner of Jess Impiazzi, but who they really are or what is his connection with her? We will talk about his life story, so if you are curious to know Jermaine Pennant, keep reading this article. Let’s start to find his life’s secrets. 


Real NameJermaine Lloyd Pennant
Nick Name Jermaine Pennant, Pennant, Jermaine Lloyd, Jermaine Lloyd Pennant, Jermaine Permanent CAFC deal
Date of Birth15 January, 1983 
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Gary Pennant
Nationality British 
Ex-wife Alice Goodwin
Children Trey Pennant
Profession Football player 
Net Worth $950,000

Life Story

Jermaine Pennant is a well-known football player, now if we talk about his life, he was born on January 15, 1983, in Nottingham, England. Let’s know how he established his career:


Firstly, he started playing for a local team called Notts County from 1993 to 1998 and later joined Arsenal in 1999. Although he didn’t work out well at Arsenal, Jermaine got the important components from this team that led him in the path of further experience and success. Notably, he gained high level expectations by playing for other teams like Watford, Leeds United, and finally, Birmingham City.

Further, Jermaine also played for the England under-21 team while at Arsenal and he made headlines for playing a match during probation by wearing an electronic tag because of a drink-driving incident in 2005. It’s interesting, right? Jermaine moved to Liverpool for £6.7 million after Birmingham got relegated in 2006. At once, if we talk about his some great moments, it is when he won the 2006 FA Community Shield. But unfortunately, Jarmaine faced hardships, like losing in the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final against Milan.

That is not the end of his career, he continued his struggles with loan moves to Portsmouth and then a move to Spain with Real Zaragoza in 2009. However, there were some problems during his time in Spain. Jermaine returned to England for signing a loan deal with Stoke City, which later became a permanent contract in 2010. Moreover, he also took part in the 2011 FA Cup Final, where Stoke lost to Manchester City. Despite facing challenges and spending some time on loan at Wolverhampton Wanderers, he got a new contract from the manager Mark Hughes. But eventually, Jermaine left Stroke after not making an impact in January 2014. 


Jermaine Pennant began to create new steps in his football career by combining with Pune City in the Indian Super League, playing seven games, and he helped the team secure a sixth-place finish in 2014. For the purpose of signing with Wigan Athletic in 2015, he returned to England.

Pennant found an opportunity with Tampines Rovers in Singapore in 2016 after a trial in Thailand fell through. As this pennant continued his struggles again and again in football teams. But our sweet player officially retired from professional football in 2019, that’s how he was marking the end of his career. 

Personal Relationships

His personal life is a bit interesting, because he has run many relationships according to rumors. But which is reality? Lets know: 


Jermaine Pennant’s romantic life began in 2007 when he was dating Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe. They lost interest in each other and by early 2008, Pennant and Jennifer decided to take a break from their relationship. It was a temporary separation as they navigated through changes in their romantic journey.


Pennant gave the second chance to Jermaine, that’s how their reunion started. 

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We came to see in 2010 that Jermaine got engaged to model Lara Murphy. Their love story took place when his engagement ended in the same year.


Lastly, his relationship with Goodwin is still undisclosed, it’s proof that Jermaine married her in 2011, and he never thought about further relationships. People are interested in what happens next in their love story. Sometimes, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring on Celebrations, like in elder brother marriage. Notably, Alice didn’t talk much about their private life. 

Jermnaine Pennant

Physical Appearance

Weight 68 kg
Height 1.73 m
Eye Color Black 
Hair Color Black 
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