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Lawrence Funhaus Girlfriend, Ex, Children & Much More

Today we will find out about the life of Lawrence Sonntag who is a multi-talented person. He is well-known

Lawrence Funhaus Girlfriend, Ex, Children & Much More

Today we will find out about the life of Lawrence Sonntag who is a multi-talented person. He is well-known as a producer, YouTuber, and podcast host, and popular for his affiliation with Rooster Teeth Productions. So, if you are his fan, keep reading this article to know Lawrence Funhaus girlfriend, past relationships, children, and all other important details of his personal life. 

Lawrence Basic Info

Lawrence was born on January 7, 1984, in Dallas, Texas. He began his education at Azle High School before obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas. Notably, he began his career as a freelancer and quickly made a mark by eventually joining Machinima. His talents grew inside Gaming, where he served as an editor, contributing to the brand’s success with his exemplary work behind the scenes.

Lawrence Funhaus Basic info

When entered Rooster Teeth, he became a content producer for live shows and a gaming journalist for The Know which earned respect in the industry. Although he parted ways with Rooster Teeth in December 2019, Lawrence remains active on his personal YouTube channel and engaging his audience with interesting content. We can say that he indicates his decade-long experience by providing gaming tips. That’s how he dedicates his following. 

Lawrence Sonntag Wife

Lawrence Sonntag’s personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. While he maintained a private marriage that eventually ended in divorce. Notably, the details about his ex-wife are still undisclosed. The separation from his wife, Katy, occurred in 2014. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the divorce took a toll on Lawrence which led to a period of serious depression and even a life-threatening accident. Sadly, he removed all traces of his past relationship from social media which indicates the depth of his turmoil.  

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Lawrence Sonntag Girlfriend

Lawrence has found companionship with Stephanie Bayer. Notably, Stephanie is known for her work with video game companies like Blizzard, and shares common ground with Lawrence. This is what makes them a compatible couple. Their relationship appeared around 2015 after Lawrence’s divorce. Despite maintaining a low profile about their relationship status, their happiness together can be noted through social media posts. They continue to enjoy each other’s company which is evident in the genuine affection they display towards one another.

Lawrence Funhaus Girlfriend

Key Takeaways

  • He is 40 years old as of 2024.
  • Lawrence Sonntag maintained a private marriage, details of which remain undisclosed to the public.
  • He divorced his ex-wife in 2014, with reasons for the split kept confidential.
  • Due to his divorce, Lawrence experienced a period of depression, exacerbated by a severe accident.
  • Notably, Lawrence removed all traces of his ex-wife from social media platforms after the divorce which indicates the emotional toll of the separation.
  • Stephanie Bayer is known for her work in the gaming industry and girlfriend of Lawrence.
  • She previously worked with Blizzard.
  • Lawrence and Stephanie’s relationship began in 2015.
  • They frequently share moments on social media.
  • Their relationship inspires others. 
  • Besides, he also worked in several movies like Sex Swing, and The Eleven Little Roosters, and more.
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