Mysterious respiratory dog illness

  • December 3, 2023
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Mysterious respiratory dog illness

Vets around the country issued an alarming caution about the infectious respiratory disease found among dogs a few months ago

Medical experts are still researching the cause of the illness, as per the press release by the American Veterinary Medical Association on 24th Nov

Here’s everything found out so far about the mystery illness, including symptoms and what to do if your dog is showing signs of the disease

What is this mystery dog illness?

Vets describe this illness as “respiratory disease”, that causes cough, sneezing and lethargy,that can sometimes lead to “pneumonia” which can’t be treated by antibiotics

Medical experts are still searching for the root cause of the disease, as well as studying the disease itself, according to a statement by Mr. David Needle, a Senior Veterinary Pathologist at the University of New Hampshire’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Needle mentioned that research on the disease has been ongoing for a year. Since August, more than 200 cases in Oregon have been reported

Modes of Transmission of illness?

According to Needle’s statement, this disease is most likely to spread through close contact and by breathing the same air as an animal carrying the disease, similar to the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Can this illness lead to death?

Needle states that this disease is not fatal in the early stages. He and his team are closely monitoring the situation and have not seen a spike in deaths during the early phases. However, it can be fatal in the secondary stages. Dog Owners are advised to keep the affected dog isolated from other dogs or environment

What to do if your dog is showing symptoms?

“If your dog is showing any symptoms especially that is closed to pneumonia, it is advised to take him to the Vet Immediately” said the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Ways to Protect your dog from the respiratory illness?

Needle advises all dog owners to ensure their pets are fully vaccinated so that their bodies are prepared medically to fight the disease with their body internally. He also recommends keeping your pets isolated from other animals to prevent the transfer of the disease

Can this effect Humans?

According to Needle, this disease can’t be spread to humans due to its small genome. The bacteria that the victim is carrying is more likely to stick to the organism it is used to. There have been no reports so far of owners carrying the same sickness as their dogs.”

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