NY Times Sparks Outrage with Shocking Taylor Swift Sexuality Speculation – Fans Demand Writer’s Resignation

  • January 7, 2024
  • 2 min read
NY Times Sparks Outrage with Shocking Taylor Swift Sexuality Speculation – Fans Demand Writer’s Resignation

In the latest news The New York Times wrote an article about Taylor Swift which made her and her fans/associates really upset, the Article speculated about Taylor’s Sexuality, Speculating that she might be queer, This Speculation upset people close to Taylor because they believe the article wouldn’t have been written about a male celebrity in similar situation.

In the Article Anna Marks the Editor at times talked about LGBTQ References in Taylor’s Songs and Performances, suggesting that she’s hinting that she belongs with queer community, in response Taylor has denied any sort of connectivity to the LGBTQ Community, Taylor has previously stood against anti-gay legislations and she welcomed all the gay community in her concerts marking it safe place for them Taylor openly supports the rights of LGBTQ Community

The New York Times Faced Criticism from all Swift’s fans about their article speculating on swift’s sexuality for which she denies any link in the past, people did not support the article questioning institution’s integrity and demanding immediate resignation of the writer.

In Response Article Writer Acknowledged that speculating someone’s sexuality without their approval or confirmation might look inappropriate. But it is important to recognize the possibility of queerness is important to keep the conversation about the LGBTQ representation alive.

Many people, including Taylor Swift’s associates, criticized The New York Times for publishing such an article. The newspaper didn’t directly respond to the criticism but pointed to what the writer said in the article.

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