Olivia Rodrigo’s Love Life: A Deep Dive into Her Relationship with Louis Partridge

  • December 15, 2023
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Olivia Rodrigo’s Love Life: A Deep Dive into Her Relationship with Louis Partridge


Olivia Rodrigo, the singer famous for her emotional breakup anthems, appears to have started a new love story with British actor Louis Partridge. Let’s break down their journey from the first sightings to the latest available updates.

Who is Louis Partridge?

Louis Partridge, a 20-year-old British actor and model, rose to fame for his roles in the Enola Holmes films alongside Millie Bobby Brown and as Sid Vicious in the FX series Pistol. Before these rumored romantic ties with Olivia Rodrigo, Partridge was in a relationship with actress Sydney Chandler. Due to his rapidly changing love affairs, he has become a subject of interest in the media.

The Dating Rumors Begin (October 2023)

The couple was first seen together in October in London. Although the pictures were blurry, they showed them talking, laughing, and walking arm in arm. However, it doesn’t necessarily confirm they are in a relationship. Reports suggest that Rodrigo flew to London to meet Partridge, and people spotted them together in a club, behaving like a couple is supposed to be.

Olivia’s Past Relationships

Before being linked to Louis Partridge, Olivia Rodrigo was in a relationship with DJ Zack Bia in 2022, and prior to Zack, she was romantically involved with producer Adam Faze. Her quick breakups and disappointments in relationships seem to be reflected in her music

Relationship Timeline (October 2023 to Present)

Partridge was spotted cheering for Rodrigo at Jingle Ball and Saturday Night Live in December 2023. Fans also noticed them doing couple-like things together, such as Partridge recording Rodrigo’s performances and attending after-event parties with her. These special moments strongly suggest that they might be dating, indicating a potential romantic connection between them


Despite numerous news circulating since October, Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge have yet to comment on their relationship status. However, the journey from the initial London sightings, walking arm in arm, to Partridge’s presence at Rodrigo’s events and attending parties together paints a picture of a potential romantic relationship


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