Raquel Rodriguez life Story – Quick Biography

Raquel Rodriguez is a well-known wrestling personality who is the hottest and sexiest lady in this field. She is

Raquel Rodriguez life Story – Quick Biography

Raquel Rodriguez is a well-known wrestling personality who is the hottest and sexiest lady in this field. She is the three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. But we cannot say that she captured every heart with her looks – of course, Raquel worked hard for the position that she has now. Raquel’s life is full of hardships and determination, she is a role model for everyone. So, if you are a Raquel fan or just want to know about any part of her life, stay with us. We will learn every aspect of her life, from the small town of La Feria to the grand stages of WWE, in today’s guide. Let’s start reading!


Birth NameVictoria Gonzalez
Place of BirthLa Feria, Texas
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1991
Wrestling Debut 2016
Ring NameRaquel Rodriguez
NationalityAmerican (Mexican descent)
EducationBachelor’s degree in Mass Communication
Net Worth$700,000

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Raquel Rodriguez was born on January 12, 1991, in La Feria, Texas. Everyone knew each other in her small town, and little Raquel had the dream of wrestling since her childhood. She said “Raquel loved watching wrestling on TV when she was a kid, she cheered for her favorite wrestlers and imagined herself in the ring one day.”  

Raquel Rodriguez  childhood

Her favorite wrestlers were Alundra Blayze and Lita. Besides, Raquel also liked to play basketball. Moreover, she didn’t only watch sports but also tried to play them. Notably, Raquel loved dribbling and shooting hoops on the basketball court. That’s all how the small-town girl from La Feria was becoming the strong and powerful Raquel Rodriguez we know today in the realms of WWE.


Raquel Rodriguez’s determination to become a WWE superstar is an inspiring sign of passion and hard work. She joined WWE in 2016 and made her wrestling debut in February 2017 under her real name, Victoria Gonzalez. Later, she became Raquel Gonzales in 2020 and teamed up with Dakota Kai. She achieved victories and won the NXT Women’s Championship in April 2021. Raquel Rodriguez moved up to the main WWE stage with her new name in 2022. Furthermore, she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship three times, which shows how good she is at dealing with tough situations. Fans really like and support her. This lady is continually winning, working hard, and is sure to be more successful in WWE.

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We can say that Raquel Rodriguez’s personal life is a WWE love story. She’s not only a wrestling star, she’s also the girlfriend of Braun Strowman, who is another famous person in the ring. They met at a gym, and they became a strong team from there. The love birds face the hardships of life together. Fans like them both, and their relationship is particularly popular among fans who especially come to see them at the same time.

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Raquel Rodriguez relationship

Physical Appearance

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde
Height1.83 m
Weight90 kg

Net Worth

Raquel Rodriguez has a net worth of $700,000 in 2024, which shows how successful she is in wrestling. Moreover, she makes around $200,000 every year. But this is not only through her efforts – Raquel partners with famous brands in fashion and fitness and spreads her influence on different platforms.

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