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Sammy Aflalo Biography: The Mysterious Ex-Husband of Marielle Hadid (Fact-Checked)

Sammy Aflalo was married to the worldwide famous supermodel and entrepreneur, Merielle Hadid. They had two children together before

Sammy Aflalo was married to the worldwide famous supermodel and entrepreneur, Merielle Hadid. They had two children together before parting ways. What’s intriguing here is that no one seems to know what Sammy Aflalo does and where he has been for the last few years. 

We have thoroughly checked Sammy Aflalo’s social media profile, exploring every piece of information about his family, career, personal life, and whereabouts. Let’s unravel all the details. 

Real Name: Samuel Aflalo 

Instagram Handle: sammyaflalo

Email Address:

Profession: Civil Engineering / Construction

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Spouse: Merielle Hadid (ex-wife)

Children: Colette Aflalo and Colton Aflalo

Sammy Aflalo Career  

Sammy Aflalo is a civil engineer by profession. He has been working at Blackwood Developments in Dallas, Texas for the last decade. He used to post a lot about his construction projects, mentioning his best work buddy and company in the captions.   

Sammy Aflalo Working At a Construction Site

Other than this, he breeds cattle, primarily horses on his family-owned Ranch. His social media is full of posts that show his Ranch Life. He seemed to be enjoying it to the fullest, sometimes alone and sometimes with his children and friends. 

Sammy Aflalo Working At His Ranch

Sammy Aflalo Family Background 

According to Sammy Aflalo’s social media posts, his father’s name is Moshe Aflalo. His brother’s name is Benji Aflalo, who is a renowned Emmy-award-winning writer, a comedian, and an actor. His other family members include Etaia Afalo, Yael Aflalo, Shira Aflalo, and Tiffany Saidnia Aflalo, but we don’t have any vital information to share about them. 

Sammy Aflalo’s Father and Mother

He used to post about his parents and brother, Benji, from time to time. For instance, once he posted his father and mother’s picture with a caption stating speedy recovery wishes. Moreover, once he posted about his brother, Benji’s upcoming movie’s poster, congratulating him. 

Sammy Aflalo’s Brother, Benji Aflalo Movie Poster

Sammy Aflalo Marriage and Divorce 

Samuel Aflalo and Marielle Hadid had been dating since 2011. They had their first child, a daughter in 2012 and their second child, a boy in 2014. Sammy proposed to Merielle on 24 April 2015 and they got married two days later. 

Sammy Aflalo and Marielle Hadid Proposal Day

From what we have seen on Sammy’s social media, it seems like Merielle was head over heels for him. They used to spend a lot of time together, raising their children together. However, their fairy tale ended in 2019, after which they got separated and divorced. 

The reason behind Sammy Aflalo and Marielle Hadid’s divorce is unknown to date. We’ll surely update you once we get word on it. 

Sammy Aflalo Relationship With Children 

Sammy Aflalo has two children with Merielle Hadid, Colette Aflalo who was born on 24 September 2012 and Colton Aflalo who was born on 5 October 2014. According to his social media posts, he really loves both his daughter and son. 

Sammy Aflalo with Children, Colette and Colton

The way he used to post pictures with his children clearly shows that they all lived together, happily. However, he has stopped posting after his divorce. So, either he’s still taking care of his children far away from the public eye or Marielle Hadid doesn’t let him meet his children often. 

We really hope that Sammy and Merielle have put their differences aside to raise their children together, taking turns. 

Sammy Aflalo with Children, Colette and Colton

Sammy Aflalo Social Media Presence

Sammy Aflalo maintains a low-key profile on social media. But it wasn’t like this always. He used to post a lot, sharing highlights of his work and personal life. 

From birthdays to Halloween, date nights, and Father’s day, he used to post pictures of his children at every special occasion. Even if it was just a routine breakfast or a horse riding lesson, he used to post about it. 

Sammy Aflalo, Colette, and Colton Having 9/11 Memorial Breakfast Picnic

There are various social media posts about his construction work, ranching, sports cars, and pet dogs, highlighting the diversity of his passion and dedication. 

We can find a trail of posts from 2014 to 2019. After this, there are barely any travel highlights from 2020; one of his pictures posted in 2022, and a blue-coloured simple post from 2023. Sammy’s ex-wife, Merielle and her family members often commented on his posts till they got divorced in 2019. It’s weird that Sammy also stopped posting, especially about his children after his separation. 

Sammy Aflalo Facts 

  • Ex-huaband of supermodel, Merielle Hadid
  • Father of 2 children, Colette and Colton 
  • Calls his daughter “little muffin” “daddy’s little girl”, and “cheese puff princess”
  • Lives near a beach, at a ranch which he seems to be enjoying the most 
  • Handles House and Building Construction
  • Loves Ranching, Horse Riding, Sports Cars Riding, Wild Hunting
  • Used to sell luxury cars and houses, posting on Instagram 
  • Travelled to London, Wyoming, Kobe, Malibu, Taeho
  • Loves dogs, having various pets since teenage, including one named Bella
  • Shows support for Israel 
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