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Shocking Aquarium Stunt: 42-Year-Old George Owens in Custody for Bizarre Incident at Bass Pro Shop

  • January 6, 2024
  • 2 min read
Shocking Aquarium Stunt: 42-Year-Old George Owens in Custody for Bizarre Incident at Bass Pro Shop

In a Shocking News a Man Named George Owens aged 42 is in custody and en route to hospital due to his mental condition after he was arrested for jumping naked into the massive aquarium at The Bass Pro Shop Leeds at Thursday time

Police officials reported that the incident occurred at the aquarium closing time.

The Owens was about to enter the aquarium he drove his vehicle into a pole in the parking slot,

After the crash, he stripped naked, ran in the store and jumped inside the aquarium.

Video and pictures were taken by the public present at the store. Showed that George did a cannonball into the aquarium and later stand under the waterfall.

As two Police officers made their move to arrest George, he exited the water and yelled something to the officers and then dove back into the water.

He was continuously shouting at the police officers, and was trying to escape his arrest by climbing over the side of the aquarium and jumped to the concrete floor below which made him unconscious due to the impact of the jump.

Police officers handcuffed him when he was unconscious who then woke up and started resisting arrest.

Later someone covered him as he was naked during the arrest as he was exiting the store.

After the arrest he was taken to hospital to evaluate his medical condition and then booked into the St. Clair County Jail. George is charged for his crimes in Public Lewdness, Disorderly conduct, arrest resistance and assaulting a police officer.

His Wife Came Defending his actions on Social Media

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