The Most Watched On Netflix 2023? The Platform Reveals The List For The First Time

  • December 19, 2023
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The Most Watched On Netflix 2023? The Platform Reveals The List For The First Time

Netflix, the largest streaming service in the world, published its first viewing report, which sheds light on the most watched Netflix movies and series and the least on its streaming service. The corporation, which has long been criticized for its lack of transparency about content performance on its platform, said it will begin publishing a “comprehensive and in-depth analysis” of what subscribers watch every six months.

As part of broader measures, they are putting in place to be more transparent with creators, viewers and the media, according to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos. Additionally, Netflix will publish a report every six months with audience information to avoid an environment of mistrust and provide transparency to the industry.

The criticisms were vital during the recent Hollywood strikes, which paralyzed the film and television industry for several months, as actors and scriptwriters demanded higher payments for programs better received on streaming platforms, as they had done on traditional television networks. Sarandos acknowledged that the “lack of data and transparency” had created “an environment of distrust” in Hollywood.

The First List: Most Watched On Netflix!

The first What We Watched report provided data on over 18,000 titles, representing 99% of most watched on Netflix. The entertainment giant assured that users watched over 100,000 million hours in the first six months 2023.

The Exclusive List Of Shows:

  1. ‘The Night Agent’ (Season 1)
  2. ‘Ginny & Georgia’ (Season 2)
  3. ‘The Glory’ (Season 1)
  4. ‘Wednesday’ (Season 1)
  5. ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’
  6. ‘You’ (Season 4)
  7. ‘La Reina del Sur’ (Season 3)
  8. ‘Outer Banks’ (Season 3)

Facts And Figures:

  • The political thriller The Night Agent, released worldwide on March 23 and with 812 million hours, was the most watched program in that period.
  • Other shows ranked high on the list were Ginny and Georgia, The Glory, Wednesday, and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.
  • The Mother, an action thriller starring Jennifer Lopez, was the most-watched film with 249.9 million hours of viewing.
  • Also, La Reina del Sur, a series based on the novel of the same name by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte, was placed in seventh position on the global list, with 402.5 million hours watched.

All-inclusive Data

The report also shows that content in languages other than English generated 30% of all views and that 60% of the programming released between January and June 2023 ended up on Netflix’s Top 10 list, a brief report that the company has prepared weekly since 2021 and that 55% of the platform’s views come from movies and original series and 45% of licensed titles.

Netflix pointed out that it is not convenient to use the data from the report to compare the acceptance of programs since some series or movies were only broadcast a few days or weeks before the end of the period analyzed by the study, and some content is not available in all markets where the company operates.

“Netflix’s success is not determined only by viewing hours. We have hugely successful movies and television shows with more and fewer hours watched. “It’s about whether a movie or TV show moved the audience,” the company said.

With almost 250 million subscribers worldwide, the leading platform had been reluctant to reveal all this information while building its business, partly to refrain from giving data that its competitors could exploit. But, it assured that “this is a big step forward” for the company and the industry. “We believe the viewing insights in this report will give creators and our industry deeper insight into our audiences and what resonates with them.”

As the BBC points out, Hollywood’s creative community depends on Nielsen’s audience figures, which it publishes annually, for traditional and cable television. Sarandos assured that the new most watched on Netflix report has not responded to the strikes but that the company wants to create “a better environment for the [Hollywood] unions, for the producers, the creators and the press.” They added that the published data” is the information we use to manage the business.”

Last year, Netflix launched an ad-supported service that industry experts say requires more transparency because advertisers want information about the popularity of content. According to Sarandos, the report’s release is not intended to help advertisers target their audiences. “We use third-party reporting because that’s the traditional way advertisers verify views for payment,” he said.

In summary, Netflix assures to increase its measurement capacity and implement third-party verification with collaborating companies such as Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify. The company has also begun measuring the impact of advertising with EDO Inc. and has launched Nielsen ONE audience measurement in the US.


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