The Return Of Spinal Tap In The History Of Cinema Is Preparing The Sequel To “This Is Spinal Tap”

  • December 2, 2023
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The Return Of Spinal Tap In The History Of Cinema Is Preparing The Sequel To “This Is Spinal Tap”

Have you heard of the return of Spinal Tap? Gear up for the ‘Spinal Tap sequel 2024’!

What’s The Hype About ‘Spinal Tap Sequel’

The mockumentary about the ineffable English heavy metal group premiered in 1984 with unusual success, to the point that they went from playing in fiction to live recitals. Rob Reiner, director and star, assured that they plan to celebrate the four decades of that premiere with a second part. How will the characters return?

“The plan is to make a sequel that comes out on the 40th anniversary of the original film,” said Rob Reiner, and no, the world didn’t stop, but it made many tremble. Not from fear, of course, but perhaps from a feeling of vitality. Because it makes them remember those long-ago years when This Is Spinal Tap, a fake documentary about a fake rock band, caused an unintended shock: it was nothing more than a game.

What’s The Spinal Tap Sequel 2024 About?

Let’s dig into parts and add that the director also said that the reason for making a sequel is that he wants to “honor the first one and take it a little further.” That beyond, which is not infinity, will be a kind of self-tribute, given the little that is known so far about this second part of the original 1984 film, and that is that Reiner returns to direct and play the character of Marty DiBergi, the documentary filmmaker who follows the rock band Spinal Tap, self-defined as the heaviest and loudest in England made up of David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean), Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) and Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest).

“Hopefully there will be some guest artists,” added the actor and director, although it is not known if it is a joke or false information. That aura covers everything around the band and the film that gave rise to it. Following the climate of the time, he wanted to ironize the most famous rock bands. 

During the announcement, Reiner also joked about how many times Sting told him that he saw the movie: more than 50, the leader of The Police would have confessed. “There is a lot of truth in what Sting tells. Many bands have shared their experiences with us, and we hope to include some of that in the film.” 

Here is the Spinal Tap sequel!

The original film was based on a documentary about the release tour of Smell the Glove, Spinal Tap’s last album, which, like the band, certainly never existed. But the film’s commercial success was such that, as a result, Spinal Tap formed professionally, released several albums, and promoted them with respective tours.

Unlike most forged documentaries, traceable almost from the origins of cinema, Reiner’s is related to F for fake (Orson Welles, 1973): if, amid the rise of disappointment in the face of great stories, Welles tries to show the spectator how fragile beliefs and perceptions are, how weak ideology can be when exposed to the action of three forgers, Reiner, a decade later, confronts that public that already totally disbelieves his capacity for cynicism. 

The Return Of Spinal Tap:

In addition to attacking rock bands in general and heavy metal bands in particular, This Is Spinal Tap also makes fun of women (the film ironizes one of the owners of the record label when it prevents her from releasing the album they have. recorded for its sexist cover), of the blacks, of the intellectuals and of the rockstars (in the end, when Reiner questions his members about their dreams and what they would have been if they had not dedicated themselves to rock). The striking thing is that the dialogues do not have a script; they are improvisations in indications about the time and the congruences that their characters had to maintain.

Perhaps in that tone, we have to look for reasons to celebrate the 40th anniversary and not the 20th or 30th (in principle, also more convenient due to the ages of all the protagonists): ten or twenty years ago, it could have been both politically incorrect and devoid of all grace. We will have to see what and how it turns out in 2024.

Rob Reiner’s mockumentary prepares the band for their farewell tour 40 years after the original film.

Four decades after its release, This Is Spinal Tap will finally begin filming its long-awaited Spinal Tap sequel in 2024. The original film directed by Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally, 1989) was released in 1984 in a mockumentary format, following the footsteps of a heavy metal band. 

Over time, the project became a cult exponent within this subgenre.Reiner will also reprise his role as a filmmaker in front of and behind the camera. This is Spinal Tap 2, featuring cameos from absolute music industry legends.

According to what the director recently revealed on Richard Herring’s RHLSTP podcast, the sequel has a small role for Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Garth Brooks.

Another news report is that the sequel to Spinal Tap will enter active production in February 2024. It is worth mentioning that This Is Spinal Tap 2 was scheduled to premiere in March 2024. However, production was delayed due to the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America strikes.

Co-written and directed by Reiner, This Is Spinal Tap was not necessarily a huge box office hit at its release, but many film critics praised it. With its arrival on home video, the title managed to attract greater attention and, to date, is considered one of the most influential films in history.

In 2002, Reiner’s work was selected for preservation by the NatReiner’s Registry for being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant by the United States Library of Congress. The film is also ranked 48th on Empire magazine’s 500 greatest films.

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