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The Star and Hunk Of American Football Tom Brady Dating History

Tom Brady A legend in the American National Football League (NFL) was born in San Mateo, California in 1977. Tom

The Star and Hunk Of American Football Tom Brady Dating History

Tom Brady A legend in the American National Football League (NFL) was born in San Mateo, California in 1977.

Tom Brady Played 23 Seasons mostly with the New England Patriots team. He won a total of seven Super Bowls and was rewarded as MVP for five Super Bowls.

However, with an impressive football career, Brady took retirement for a short period and came out of retirement and joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2023 Season.

Brady’s personal life is also in the media spotlight same as his sports career, having relationships with famous models and actresses,

Beyond sports and famous relationships, Brady owns a health and wellness brand named TB12.

Brady’s Story is full of dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to excellence and life achievements, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for him both in his professional and personal life.

Let’s Break Down the Most Popular Relationship Of Tom Brady and Its Timeline.

Tara Reid

Tom Brady and American Pie Star Tara Ried were rumored to have a romantic connection between them.

The Couple did not reveal details of their relationship, but Tara Ried did mention that they kissed each other and complimented Tom Brady on his good looks when she was asked during a 2014 Interview on Australia’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,

In Another Interview with NBC Sports Boston. Ried mentioned again that she dated Tom Brady and complimented his treatment of her

Bridget Moynahan

Brady And Bridget Moynahan’s relationship started to make news in early 2004. The Couple Publicly appeared first time together as Brady’s team “The New England Patriots” Beat the Carolina Panthers In the Super Bowl. Following their first appearance the couple were seen out together on multiple occasions like in Movie Premiers, Oscars Party, and Met Gala.

Although in the early stages of their relationship Brady in this interview did not Mention the Actress as his girlfriend, he referred to her as a Best friend.

However, After three years of relationship, the couple publicly announced their split in December 2006 following their split, Brady soon Moved on within a few months with Bündchen.

After Brady and Bündchen started, Brady got the news of Moynahan’s pregnancy despite their separation, they decided to support and raise their child as co-parents.

Gisele Bündchen

Brady and Gisele Bündchen were introduced through mutual friends in January 2007. In the early stages of their relationship, the couple got the news of Brady’s ex-girlfriend Moynahan’s pregnancy. 

Though Bündchen did not take the news positively and wanted to split from Brady, they sorted out their differences and stayed together.

They later got engaged in January 2009 and got married one month later in Santa Monica.  The couple welcomed their first child together, son Benjamin Rein Brady, who arrived that same year.  

As their marriage was going smoothly and stable, divorce rumors started to swirl in the media. Brady denied the rumors and stated, “We’re in a great place. I’ve been very blessed to have an incredible relationship with my life partner, and I don’t think anything will ever get in the way of that.”

The couple managed to keep their marriage healthy and stable, but as with every other marriage, problems and differences do occur, and they also occurred for this A-List couple. According to Brady’s interviews, they mentioned that their marriage went through a rough patch, and they sought marriage counseling services to fix their differences.

Despite Brady’s efforts and open compliments about Bündchen, the couple couldn’t continue their relationship and announced their split on October 28 after 13 years of marriage.

Bündchen stated about her breakup in a statement that their breakup was amicable and her priority is and always will be their children, whom she loves with all her heart, and Brady stated that they will ensure to love their children and provide them all the attention they deserve as co-parents. 

Brady stated in his interviews and statements that the breakup was painful to him, but he will continue to take care of his family and his children. He also mentioned that the way their split played out in front of a lot of people added more difficulties, but like all humans, we do our best to do what we can. 

On the other hand, Bündchen also stated that she does not regret marrying Brady; she loved the time they spent together. 

Irina Shayk

After Brady’s Difficult and Anguished divorce, people were speculating about who the A-List Celebrity would date now, after several unconfirmed reports and connections, Brady formed a connection with Model Irina Shayk.

Brady And Shayk were first linked in July 2023, when they were seen romantically involved in Brady’s Car after an event.

Shayk was spotted in and out of Brady’s residence multiple times. sources close to the couple mentioned that they are spending a lot of time together and they met initially at Billionaire art heir Joe Nahmed’s Wedding to model Madison Headrick in Italy in June.

In August 2023, the couple were seen meeting in The Twenty-Two Hotel and spent two days “holed up” together. A source close to the couple mentioned that Brady is Shayk’s dream guy and she loved dating him, the source also mentioned the couple work around their schedules and meet up whenever they are available.

later the following year, a source mentioned the romance between the couple had “fizzled” due to their busy routines, But in December 2023, they were spotted together at a Miami gas station.

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