US Military Aircraft Osprey Crashes Off Yakushima Island, Japan

  • November 29, 2023
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US Military Aircraft Osprey Crashes Off Yakushima Island, Japan

A devastating turn of events, a US Military aircraft carrying six soldiers crashed into japan’s sea “Yakushima” island in south of Japan, this accident occurred in 29th November Wednesday,this accident was reported by the town’s local People finding one expired passenger near the accident site.

The Crashed US Military Aircraft was a CV-22 Osprey, having multiple capabilities of functioning as a helicopter and a turboprop airplane, Japan’s Cost Guard Quoted, the Aircraft was on the way from “Iwakuni” Base In the “Yamaguchi “region heading towards based in “Okinawa” when it faced unexpected hurdles

Japan Coast Guard after receiving this tragic news at 14:45 Local time ( 05:45 GMT) sent six boats and two helicopters During their search, the helicopters observed a portion of the aircraft and a life raft among the scattered debris.

Yakushima Island which is situated at south of Japan’s “Kyushu Island, occupying more than 50,000 Us Troops, Locals of Okinawa are often concerned of their safety regard the safety standards on Military planes in residential Area such as “Osprey Planes”.

It is not the first time Osprey has been crashed, it has a history of fatal crashes, reported in Australia in Mid 2023 and 2017 during military exercises resulting in deaths of multiple soldiers
An Investigation is underway into the “Yakushima” Island Crash Occurred, primarly understanding the main reason of this tragedy to make sure the safety and future of Osprey Aircraft Operations, and much need safety of the precious lives of the Soldiers and the public

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