Violent Courtroom Assault: Defendant Attacks Judge During Sentencing in Las Vegas

  • January 4, 2024
  • 2 min read
Violent Courtroom Assault: Defendant Attacks Judge During Sentencing in Las Vegas

In a Shocking Incident at the Clark County District Court In Las Vegas, Deobra Delone Redden 30 years old facing conviction due to his physical assault case, as judge was about to sentence him for his crimes, he became violent and jumped over the judge’s bench to attack judge.

Judge name “Holthus” Suffered Injuries due to the defendant’s attack, though she did not receive any serious injuries however she did required immediate medical assistance from the professionals she was transferred to the hospital as she suffered bleeding gash on her forehead and a dislocated shoulder, the entire incident was captured on courtroom footage, revealing of what happened there.

Redden was not in hand-cuffs upon arriving at the court, he pleaded for leniency from the judge before the attack, as Judge Holthus indicated her decision to sentence him for his crimes, Redden Charges forward and attack the judge, Judge’s Guards did try to neutralize the situation, tried to stop the attack even started to give beating shots to the attacker

Judge Holthus is a seasoned professional prosecutor with 27 years of experience, after the incident court officials announced to revise the security protocols to ensure the safety of the judiciary and the public present within the courtroom to prevent such violent action in the future.

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