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What Is Cyber Monday? How To Take Advantage Of It To Increase Your Sales

  • November 28, 2023
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What Is Cyber Monday? How To Take Advantage Of It To Increase Your Sales

More and more online businesses extend the wave of Black Friday sales and online shopping extravaganza until Cyber Monday. This is when shoppers worldwide go on the hunt for the best Cyber Monday deals on the Internet.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is an online shopping extravaganza celebrated the Monday following Black Friday to promote electronic commerce. Cyber Monday deals were an idea that Ellen Davis, vice president of the retail trade association NRF.

The first Cyber Monday took place on Monday, November 28, 2005, in the United States, taking advantage of the momentum that Black Friday already had, a date that, since 1975, inaugurated the Christmas shopping season for Americans after Thanksgiving Day.

This day of sales quickly became popular in the rest of the world until it became a key day for electronic commerce, only surpassed in interest by Black Friday and Christmas.

Are you ready for the next cyber avalanche?

 Let’s see what all this Cyber Monday fever is and how to take advantage of the online shopping extravaganza and those visits to your business.

Convert your visits into customers more easily with Cyber Monday deals.

Track all your conversations in one place to bring them frictionlessly to the buy button with Cyber Monday deals.

Influence of Cyber Monday Deals extravagance

The first Cyber Monday ended up becoming an important date for online commerce. In 2020, 85% of consumers knew it; popularity was second only to the United Kingdom and Germany in Europe.

Today, this day is considered an extension of Black Friday since many online businesses take advantage of it, or even the days before, to launch their promotions. For this reason, there is more and more talk about “Cyber Week.”

And, despite inflation and the drop in average spending at this time, e-commerce has continued to grow in recent years with a greater number of online purchases.

How To Take Advantage Of Cyber Monday Deals In Your Business

Cyber Monday is the perfect occasion to extend the Black Friday weekend. Not only to improve your turnover but also to attract new customers, liquidate inventory, and promote your brand to a huge audience with purchasing intent.

Where do we start the setup?

  • Strategically prepare your stock.

If you know your best-selling products, ensure you have enough stock to cover demand. Now, the best thing would be to start selling those products at a higher price or lower discount on Black Friday.The trend is clear: the buyer spends more on Friday and reserves the following Monday for smaller purchases with a greater discount

  • Start your promotions early.

The digital consumer begins to look at offers and create their shopping list well in advance. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the online shopping extravaganza?

Preparing a commercial strategy on various channels takes time, including creating specific content or designing banners, ads, and landing pages, among other resources, especially if you need a marketing tool to manage your campaigns.

  1. Offers very clear information

Think that the texts of your promotion are binding. Therefore, make the purchase conditions clear if an offer has a limited duration or only applies to certain products. If the details are clear, you will most likely win that sale.

Regarding the use of the client’s data, remember to specify legitimate interest in its processing (direct marketing and security purposes).

  • Anticipate the avalanche of inquiries

Do you have enough staff to handle all calls and queries? Does your team have the resources to quickly respond to and manage requests from all channels? There is no better time to use chats to streamline customer service and automate purchasing. The faster and better you respond, the more sales.

  • Optimize your website for mobile devices

As soon as you see 75% buying through their smartphone (the highest percentage in Europe) and the American boom of the telephone to buy online, Everything indicates that your store should be prepared to offer a pleasant and simple that invites these users to return to your site.

Remember to check the performance of your pages in advance, both on desktop and smartphone.

  • Take advantage of social networks.

Do you remember the pull of Facebook and Instagram in e-commerce? Well, online purchases already represent 28% of the total.

It’s about taking advantage of this whirlwind of buyers looking for the best price to give visibility to your business on the networks and attract them to your online store. When buying, you can post a small preview of your offers to generate interest, customer testimonials or gift ideas, and exclusive Cyber Monday deals.

  • Attract more traffic from search engines.

Although positioning the best keywords requires starting your SEO strategy months in advance, what you can do within a few weeks is optimize the best-positioned pages that bring you the most sales.

Also, ensure your page descriptions and titles invite clicks in search results. Cyber Monday deals will help you get that click even if your competition ranks better than you.

  • Take advantage of email marketing.

The profitability of email marketing is indisputable when 31.4% of Spanish companies affirm that 10% of their income comes from this channel, especially due to the low cost of an email campaign and the possibility of targeting different customer groups with the most relevant message.

In addition, email allows you to communicate your brand’s most personal and close facets to establish a closer bond with your leads and clients. Email campaigns are sent all year round, but they become even more important around the holidays.

  • Invest in the most appropriate advertising for your business

Advertising is one of the fastest and most scalable ways to drive traffic to your digital store. Depending on your goals and your audience, you have platforms like Google to attract search traffic or social networks to generate brand awareness, show your offers, or attract back users who have already visited your online store.

Once you know what differentiates you from the competition, communicate it in the best way.

  • Simplify and optimize the purchasing process.

Evaluate your purchasing process and see what you can optimize to improve your conversions, especially if the number of abandoned carts is high.

Improve the user experience in your store.

Your e-commerce invites people to discover your products and must offer the best experience: impeccable navigation through the catalog, quality images, options to easily contact the seller, personalized recommendations, and a simple and fast purchasing process.

  • Expand your reach by selling through Amazon.

And speaking of user experience, the marketplace par excellence is Amazon. Without a doubt, the best option for Cyber Monday deals is if you want to reach a larger audience, both national and international, or if you are starting and want to sell as soon as possible.

In exchange for a monthly fee and variable costs depending on shipments and the product sold, you don’t worry about customer service and logistics, with faster deliveries and the trust of the Amazon Prime badge.

  • Streamlines logistics and distribution

If your business is not prepared to face the peak sales of Cyber Monday deals, you will be wasting a unique opportunity to process more orders and retain all that clientele you have attracted.Therefore, collaborate with trusted carriers and organize your inventory efficiently to expedite orders. Additionally, you can automate aspects such as communication and order tracking.

  • Build loyalty among your buyers after the cyber campaign

And what will you do with all those clients you got on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Easy: invite them to return to your store with loyalty campaigns because buyers are willing to repeat if the purchasing experience and customer service have been satisfactory.

Your Sales Flow Continues After Cyber Monday.

You already know what Cyber Monday is and what you should remember to get the most out of these inflation-proof dates of compulsive cyber consumption. Because of the economic uncertainty, we see the number of online transactions increase year after year.

Yes, the competition is fierce. Many electronic businesses will take advantage of the opportunity to boost their sales. Still, not many aim to make the most of this opportunity to convert those purchases into customers for life.

The stampede of online shopping extravaganza is such that e-commerce transactions are skyrocketing despite inflation.

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