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When Is Squid Game Season 2 Coming Out? The Most Awaited Premiere On Netflix

  • December 15, 2023
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When Is Squid Game Season 2 Coming Out? The Most Awaited Premiere On Netflix

All the fans are wondering when is Squid Game Season 2 coming out on Netflix. Well, it is the most anticipated season of all time. In 2021, ‘The Squid Game’ became the world’s most-watched South Korean series. It was so praised that it immediately earned confirmation of a second season that we’re still waiting for to be released. However, we are not sure when is Squid Game Season 2 release date.

What Is ‘The Squid Game’ About?

According to Netflix’s official synopsis, in ‘The Squid Game’ we are introduced to “hundreds of people with financial difficulties who accept a strange invitation to a survival game. A million-dollar prize awaits them, but there is a lot at stake.”

The South Korean Netflix series has revolutionized society, becoming the most watched on the platform after its premiere. Currently, series have become a ‘boom’ in society with its existence on significant platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Indeed, ‘The Squid Game’ is one of the series that is causing the most talk, and that is due to its recent premiere on Netflix. It is a South Korean production of only nine episodes. A series that has reached the top of the platform, becoming the most-watched, is due to its plot, where a group of people with economic problems accepts an invitation to compete in a series of children’s games that turn out to be lethal. So when is Squid Game Season 2 coming?

Squid Game-Based On Real Events

After the premiere of ‘The Squid Game,’ many fans wondered if it is based on real events, and Dong-hyuk Hwang, its creator, has assured that this is not the case, but instead, it is inspired by his love for comics. 

“After debuting with ‘My Father,’ I read a lot of comics and got hooked on the survival game genre. In an attempt to create a Korean version, I started planning the work in 2008 and completed the idea in 2009,” he said in a press conference reported in ‘The Cinemaholic.

An idea that took a while to develop since choosing the actors and raising funds took a lot of work. “The idea of a winner of the game getting rich was not welcome. The brutality and cruelty of the games were a cause for concern. I had to put the idea on the shelf,” he added. However, he confessed that Netflix accepted the idea based on the director’s favourite game from his childhood.

When Is Squid Game Season 2 Coming Out On Netflix?

Korean productions’ success has made them a reference for current culture. Several titles are triumphing in all corners of the world, and without a doubt, one of those that marked a before and after is ‘The Squid Game’ on Netflix, and some details of its second season have already been revealed.

The South Korean thriller series presented the first trailer for its second season at its big event, Tudum 2023, and will once again star Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun, plus Lee Byung-hun as The Leader, Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho and Gong Yoo as the salesman who recruits.

Who Will Be The Protagonists Of ‘The Squid Game 2’?

In June 2023, the actors who will be part of the new season were announced. They are:

  • Lee Jung-jae in the role of Seong Gi-hun.
  • Lee Byung-hun is FrontMan.
  • Wi Ha-jun is Hwang Jun-ho.
  • Gong Yoo returns from the competition as a soldier

Yim Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon, and Yang Dong-Geun will also play unrevealed characters.

Final Words: When Is Squid Game Season 2 Release Date?

In June 2023, the cast of The Squid Game met for the first reading of the script, thus marking the start of production of the second season. The premiere was expected to be at the end of 2023 or early 2024, but everything indicates that The Squid Game 2 will arrive on Netflix in mid-2024.

The second season of ‘The Squid Game’ was confirmed in July 2022. However, there is no news about the story beyond that it began filming last June. Its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, said he wants to delve deeper into the characters we previously saw as players and soldiers in the competition.

In this context, fans will have to wait, at least, until mid-2024 to be able to see the new chapters of Asian fiction. Fans will now see the reality show inspired by the series, with a real competition for 4.56 million dollars.

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