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Why Is Israel Attacking Palestine?

  • November 24, 2023
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Why Is Israel Attacking Palestine?

The devastating Gaza War continues on as people wonder, “Why is Israel attacking Palestine?” Just this Thursday, Israeli forces have arrested the director of the Al-Shifa hospital, Mohammad Abu Salmiya, along with many other medical workers at the hospital. Al-Shifa hospital is the biggest medical center and hospital that is located in the Gaza strip in northern Gaza.

So, Why Is The Gaza Strip Important To Israel?

 The reason Israeli forces are aiming their focus on the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza strip is because they believe that Hamas have built a tunnel underneath the hospital itself and are using it as a base to curate and plan for attacks.

The Al-Shifa hospital officials, along with Hamas itself, continue to deny these sentiments, stating that they have nothing to do with the Al-Shifa hospital as it is a medical center, nothing else. Along with that, although Israeli Cabinet officials and the Israeli government itself agreed to the terms of the Qatar truce deal made specifically for Israel and Hamas, the Israeli government has stated that none of the Palestinians prisoners will be released before Friday. As of right now, Israel has not halted its fatal attacks from the air all across Palestine, with continuous bombardment in both Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

As of right now, it is alleged and reported that more than 14,500 people in Gaza have been killed since the 7th of October, while the death toll in Israel remains at 1200. To be exact, it is said that 14,532 people have been killed in the Gaza strip. This includes 6000 children and 4000 women. It is also said that over 35,000 people have been injured, with around 75% of them being women and children, and around 6800 people are missing. In the occupied West Bank, over 226 people have been killed, which includes 51 of them being children. In Israel, it is said that 1200 people have been killed, while around 5600 people have been injured.

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