Xiaomi Presents Its First $56,000 Electric Vehicle To Stand Up To Tesla

  • January 3, 2024
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Xiaomi Presents Its First $56,000 Electric Vehicle To Stand Up To Tesla

Xiaomi is indubitably one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world and now manufactures an electric vehicle. The new Xiaomi electric vehicle, SU7, will go on sale in China in 2024.

According to Xiaomi’s CEO, the electronic company’s car will rival Tesla and Porsche.

Xiaomi may be best known for making smartphones, but the Chinese company has just added a new product to its portfolio. 

The company announced its first electric vehicle, and it intends to stand up to Tesla. It is called SU7 and will have a range of up to 804 kilometers.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi presents its first electric vehicle to take on Tesla.

It’s 1-0 for Xiaomi since the Tesla Model S “only” ranges between 515 and 659 kilometers. In addition, the Chinese-made electric vehicle will also have autonomous driving and an entertainment system fully compatible with Xiaomi smartphones.

The SU7 will boast lightning-fast acceleration, allowing it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.78 seconds and reach a top speed of 265 km/h.

Who knows if it will have an incredible automatic parking system like the Avatr 11 or a runway like the Chinese Hummer EV imitator? What we do know is that the SU7 will come in two versions. There will be a single-motor model with a range of up to 667 kilometers on a single charge and a two-motor version with a range of up to 804 kilometers.

As for how much it will cost, the price has yet to be announced, but Xiaomi CEO and co-founder Lei Jun said during the EV presentation that it could cost between $14,000 and $56,000.

That’s a 2-0 for Xiaomi, as the Model S starts at $74,990. It’s a bold move but not unheard of, as we’ve already seen several smartphone makers, including Apple and Foxconn, trying to get into the automotive business.

But unlike Apple, Xiaomi – one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world – aims to sell its first electric vehicle in 2024. However, the timing could be more suitable since the SU7 debuts when the Chinese automobile market – the largest in the world – is torn between excess supply and slowing demand.

Even though these two factors have fueled a price war, Jun has outlined big ambitions for his company’s first electric vehicle. Jun expects Xiaomi cars to rival Porsche’s performance and Tesla’s technology in the Chinese electric vehicle market.

“By working hard in the next 15 to 20 years, we will become one of the world’s top five automobile manufacturers, striving to elevate the overall Chinese automobile industry,” he stated in the presentation.

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