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9 Benefits Of Montessori Bed Discover Floor Bed Advantages For Lill’ Wonders

  • September 25, 2023
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9 Benefits Of Montessori Bed Discover Floor Bed Advantages For Lill’ Wonders

Montessori education is characterized by promoting the autonomy and independence of the child so that they play an active role in learning and can discover the world freely. To achieve this, it is necessary to adapt many everyday objects to their level of development; one of them is the floor bed, also known as the Montessori bed.  

Montessori floor bed age starts from 15 months andis perfect for transitioning from a crib to a child’s bed in a progressive way. The low height is ideal so the little ones in the house can get in and out of it simply and comfortably. Its soft design gives a different touch to the children’s room. It must be of top quality wood and is very resistant, ideal to withstand the busy activity of children.  

Why Montessori Floor Bed? Why Should Children Sleep In Montessori Beds? 

Typically, parents pay little attention to the choice of bed beyond issues related to safety. However, the bed must guarantee deep sleep, essential for the growth and well-being of children, and provide certain freedom of movement according to their stage of development. Montessori floor bed age is the developmental milestones in children from 15 months to 5 years.

Let’s delve in to learn about the 9 benefits of a Montessori bed and why a Montessori floor bed.

What Are Montessori Beds Like?

Since Montessori beds are designed to promote child autonomy, their design must evolve according to the child’s stage of development. As a general rule, it is recommended to start using them from the fourth month of life, although some parents decide to use them earlier, using a small mat for the baby to sleep during the day.

When the baby starts crawling, she can have her first Montessori bed. This stage is when they will benefit most from having a bed at ground level. Some designs have a comfortable opening on the side so the baby can go to bed and get up whenever she wants.

When the child can walk freely and has grown a little, you can place a bed a little higher, but he should always be able to get up and down alone. As she grows, the bed can too.

The 9 Benefits Of Montessori Bed

Every little one is different, so finding the bed that suits their personality and needs is essential. Beds inspired by the principles of Montessori education are lower, so the mattress is practically placed at floor level. Its benefits are multiple compared to conventionally designed beds. Below are the best benefits of a Montessori bed and why you should get one:

  1. Montessori bed stimulates autonomy and independence. 

These beds are not only adapted to the size of the children but also to their level of development. They allow the child to acquire greater autonomy from an early age, making it easier for him to discover her surroundings since she can go up and down whenever she wants. Furthermore, being able to go to bed when sleepy makes it easier to make autonomous decisions.

2.Montessori beds are safe. 

Since Montessori beds are practically at ground level, there is no chance of your little one falling and hurting themselves. In addition, by eliminating the typical crib bars, the risk of the baby getting trapped between them also disappears.

3.Montessori beds encourage learning.

Children’s cribs limit the freedom of movement of babies, who must stay in them until their parents arrive to take them out. The experience of being “locked in” is usually not very pleasant for some children. On the contrary, Montessori beds give them the freedom to move around the room and discover their surroundings without the help of adults in a way that encourages autonomous learning.

4.Allow freedom of movement.

This is one of the most significant benefits of Montessori beds: the child can get up and go to bed whenever he wants and even use it as a play area if it feels like the ideal place.

5.Montessori beds stimulate their cognitive development.

It is usually around age two when we transition from crib to bed. That the child can decide her movements within her room opens a world of options in her cognitive development and for us to stimulate it. For example, celebrating that the child has gone to bed alone or that he has put his pajamas under the pillow will contribute to his understanding of the cause-effect relationship. He will be encouraged to continue exploring these types of actions.

5.Montessori beds encourage curiosity.

When the child uses a crib with bars or a high bed where it is difficult for him to get on or off, he generally does not conceive of it as a place to be because he feels like it but because it is his turn. However, in a high bed of this style, they can take toys and books (obviously, it is also recommended to leave them close at hand), and it will become a great starting point to explore their room’s possibilities.

7.Montessori beds promote their autonomy.

A Montessori bed allows the child to decide when to get up and when to go to bed and even take the initiative in everything around that moment:

  • Picking up his pajamas.
  • Lifting the blanket.
  • Putting his dolls in order.
  • Even trying to make the bed long before it is expected. 
  • 8.Montessori bed encourages decision-making.

A bed that offers complete freedom to a child motivates him to make decisions from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning without depending on an adult to carry them out. At the same time, encouraging her initiative is essential to strengthen her self-esteem and self-confidence, fundamental pillars for creating a healthy and strong personality.

9.Montessori bed invites us to spend time with them in a different way

These types of low beds allow us, for example, to lie down with the children in their space (something that we do very frequently at home and that they love). Playing, reading, and cuddling on Saturday morning while we tell each other things, it is a place that invites us to share moments of complicity and full attention towards our children.


Why Montessori floor bed? The Montessori Method has gained overwhelming popularity in recent years for its philosophy based on respect for the child: it promotes that each one is a unique individual with the ability and pace to learn, play, explore, or socialize.

The benefits of Montessori beds for toddlers make it essential to adapt the environment to the child (not the opposite) to facilitate their development, learning, and capacity for self-construction. Furniture does not escape this trend; proof of this is beds, one of the essential objects in the children’s room and one of the keys to creating a complete Montessori environment.

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